The whole thing with the end of last night’s Duke-Clemson game is all over the place. It’s being talked about on ESPN constantly. The message boards have crazy-heavy traffic and debate. Really though, if this hadn’t involved Duke nobody would have made nearly as much of a fuss about it. A couple points since last night, when the Clemson guy caught McRoberts’ pass he took two steps backwards without dribbling. Not a hop- two steps, no dribble. Of course there were a lot of missed calls last night, like when one of the Clemson players wrapped his arms around seven-plus footer Brian Zoubek from behind and didn’t get called for a foul. Mistakes like this happen all the time without incident. I’m sure the timekeepers often mess up- it takes a little bit of time for the eye to communicate to the brain then to signal the hands to start the clock and the same goes for stopping it. I would bet that in any given game there are lots of times when the clock doesn’t start and stop exactly when it’s supposed to. But because this was the end of the game and it was Duke, the county is in an uproar about it.

Moving on, work wasn’t too busy today. I stopped by The Connection to give my boss, Scott Hendrix the secondary phone. I’ve been holding onto it since Tim Henrich, the production manager, went to Pennsylvania. In the almost exactly two years since I’ve been working for Scott that phone has been passed around to at least six different people.

Work not too busy
Dad’s visit
TGI Fridays for Michael’s birthday with Frazelle ladies
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Gears not working
Call of Duty