Wake Forest finally beat Georgia Tech at about ten ’til one in the morning with a score of 114-112. So yeah, in the first round of the 2007 ACC Tournament all of the lower seeds triumphed over the higher seeds. As long as Carolina loses….

I was in a bit of funk this evening. I’m not really sure why, but sometimes I get in a little bit of a depressed mood. It’s not bad, like I want to kill myself or anything. I just feel… like a dark cloud. Not an ominous one, just one that blocks out the sun and makes everything colder. Amanda convinced me to go out to eat (we went to Chili’s) and she made me feel better.

There was more basketball today. We watched a little bit of the NC State game while we were at Chili’s. One thing that struck me as odd as we were looking through the glass separating our booth from the bar was that all of the TVs were 4:3 ratio. You hardly ever see that at bars anymore- everyone’s got widescreen flat panels. It seemed anachronistic.

We came home and Amanda saw that Poseidon, the remake of The Poseidon Adventure, had just come on HBO and decided to watch it. It was nothing special of course, although I admit that I dozed off during a large chunk of it. There was one part though, where the people are climbing through a ventilation system with water rising below them, that I got to thinking about. That would be dreadful. I don’t mean dreadful in a high-talking British accent dreadful, but literally it would be something that would cause me to be full of dread. See, if you’re trapped in a vertical vent shaft and the grate above you won’t open, and you’ve got about six people in the shaft with you with water rising up from below, I think panic would kick in really fast. There would be lots of kicking and flailing and trashing when there wouldn’t be any room to do such things. Dreadful.

Zach Dotsey