Work was pretty busy today.  I ended up working until about 6:30, which I haven’t done in a while.  I often feel that when I’m doing good with one aspect of my job, the other suffers.  So I’ll make some sales, but then all the support and maintenance stuff gets backed up, or I’ll have all the little stuff done, but no projects lined up.

Sanjaya didn’t go home on American Idol, which isn’t much of a surprise.  The two we were worried about, Phil and Gina, weren’t even in the bottom this week.  It was Chris (not the chubby one) and Stephanie.  Chris has, as everyone has noted, a bit of a Justin Timberlake thing going on with his shaved head and his singing style.  Both of them were a bit of a surprise, but Chris was more of one.  During the commercial break and the segment that followed Amanda was nervous for him, but Chris gets to stick around for another week and Stephanie headed home.  They didn’t get her to sing a final song, which is a departure from the norm.

Last night on American Idol they kept showing this one very emotional girl.  She was, I don’t know, ten, twelve years old.  She was constantly crying, particularly when Sanjaya sang.  She was crying the way teenage girls cried when they saw The Beatles back in 1963.  Honey, Sanjaya is not The Beatles circa 1963.  Ryan Seacrest invited her to come up on stage at the end of the show.  Amanda and I decided we have to watch The Soup this weekend to see what they have to say about her.

This past weekend my brother, Adam, offered to help my brother-in-law, Michael, get a job where he works, which is sort of a pharmaceutical call center.  Adam called yesterday and told me to have Michael give him a call, but when I talked to Michael about it he said he wasn’t sure he’d want to do it.  He said he’d rather do something like Best Buy which would be easy to transfer to in case he moved.  Michael’s had so many people beat the way he should live down his throat, but I really, really want to advise him on this one.  The job pays well, better than what he’d get at Best Buy unless he got hired as a supervisor, it looks better on a resume and he’d have flexible hours.  Not to mention that Adam said there are a lot of people their age who work there, many of them cute girls.  But whatever- you can lead a horse to water, right?

Zach Dotsey