I’m in a clouded mood right now. Not mad, not upset, but definitely not happy. I’ll get to that.

I met with a client, a pretty well-known store in town, today to help get the new manager up to speed with how their website works. It’s one of the clients we have worked a lot with over the years but had never met. Actually, the people I’d dealt with before were gone now anyway, which is why they needed the help.

Before going to that meeting, while sitting and having some breakfast at Chick-Fil-A (I was early for the afore-mentioned meeting), I got a call from another client. It’s one who has a big site that we’re just finishing up and she was dropping off the last payment with me. I had to call Amanda and tell her how much money was in my back left pocket (which isn’t where I usually keep money, in case anybody’s thinking of mugging me). Of course right after that I picked up my paycheck and deposited both of them. In separate accounts, of course.

Work was steady enough after I got back. Michael left for Charlotte around 2:00. He was going to go visit Chris Flowers. I think they went to go see the new TMNT movie and tomorrow they’re going to a Bobcats game. I was going to go with them to do that at some point, but I’m working at church on Sunday.

We caught Moo peeing under the table in my office. We were low on cat litter and assume that’s the reason, but I really hope we got it up in time to not have the smell stick around. Of course, if it is, I guess the office will be the next room with hardwood floors.

Amanda and I went to Atlanta Bread Company for dinner. It was nice so we sat outside while we lamented the fact that we don’t have people with very open schedules as friends. On that note, Ben Lambeth called us while we were driving home from Petco. He and Jessica are painting their new house this weekend and moving in next weekend.

When we got back we put Casino Royale on. Everyone was right of course- it was really good. It was very gritty for a Bond movie too, and unlike others, I think it left off at a place where it can pick up for the next one.

So here comes the part that I opened up with. I was planning on watching the Carolina-USC game with little to no real expectations. We started Casino Royale later than we expected (due to a mini-flood of phone calls) so we started watching the game during halftime. Part of me said that I should go ahead and turn it off, because Southern Cal was leading the Tar Heels by nine points. When the game started back the Trojans had a few good possessions, but then they just lost it. They had some stupid turnovers like catching a ball with a foot slightly out of bounds and then I think they just ran out of gas, as teams tend to do against Carolina. A few minutes into the second half, Carolina went almost seven minutes without scoring. After a bit they turned it around and went on a 15-0 or so run. It was still a six point game with about a minute left (not likely, but not impossible) when USC was called for a moving screen, which prompted their coach to walk out on the floor and throw something (tickets?) on the floor to pick up a technical. It was out after that, and Carolina ended up winning by ten.

I really hate the Heels. They’ve been significantly behind in (I think) every game of the tournament so far but end up winning anyway. Sure, I may be just a tad biased, but I really feel that UNC doesn’t deserve to win the NCAA Tournament. I really, really, mega-really hope that catches up with them soon. Like against Georgetown. Otherwise my bracket is totally screwed. Who am I kidding, it’s busted anyway.

One of the calls we got right as we were starting Casino Royale was from Amanda’s grandmother, Peggy Lemons.  She was calling to tell us about an accident Jon and Denise Green had with their week-old baby the other day.  From what I gathered, Denise got up to feed her then went to lie down on the bed.  She drifted off to sleep with the baby, facing the edge of the bed, and the baby fell off and hurt her skull on the hardwood floors.  It was a terrible accident and I know nobody Denise has probably punished herself, and still is I would bet, about the incident.  I just ask for prayers for Kayla, that everything turns out okay.

Zach Dotsey