Support issues have been relatively light this week at work, allowing me to focus on sales a bit. I’ve made a goal for myself to hit by the end of tomorrow, which is the last day or work for the month.

For dinner tonight I went by Dave and Polly Clawson’s house. Polly is our small group supervisor of sorts- she checks in on our group and is there for us to discuss any issues that might come up. Super nice lady. Anyway, to raise funds for a summer camp down, Big Stuf, down in Panama Beach this summer (wish I was going!) they made some chicken Parmesan dinners complete with green beans and a roll for $5 per. I told Amanda while she was at work and she got a few people to chip in on some, and I ordered two for us. When I got there I asked if they had any extra, which they did, so I got one for Michael too. They smelled really good, and when I got home we were all pleasantly surprised- good portions of good food.

We watched South Park from last night then Amanda and I watched a great episode of Lost. It centered around two people who had hardly been bit players up until now. The flashbacks mostly dealt with them on the island and the end was a bit of a shocker. Great episode.

There was a marathon of The Office on, which we watched a good portion of. Amanda’s mom, Karen Mercer, called to let us know that she was watching it and really enjoying it. Oddly, it was the same episode Amanda saw when she first started watching (the one about diversity day) and that too was during a marathon of Office episodes.

Amanda went to bed shortly after all that. I stayed up and watched the College Slam Dunk contest with Michael. Overall I wasn’t blown away, although there was one guy in there who was my height who was pretty impressive. He messed up in the second round though.

There’s one comic book I started picking up a while back because I heard good things about it. It took me a while get my stride with Fables, but it’s a really good book. The last three issues have been a bit of a disappointment though. The previous two were done as a fill-in story and illustrated by Mike Allred of Madman fame. They were okay, and I accepted them as filler while the normal team of Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham (whom I learned to appreciate along with Chris Bachalo on Ghost Rider 2099 and later Generation X) either got ahead on stories or took care of personal things or whatever they had to do. The most recent issue, which I picked up yesterday and read today, actually kind of irritated me. It was even more of a filler issue, in which there were a few mini-stories to answer some of the questions posed by fans. It was a nice idea, but I really wish they’d get back to the main story.

Zach Dotsey