The final day of March in 2007, and time is moving on.  We have a ticketing system at work which has a spam folder in it.  I’m generally the person who moves things into the spam folder, so I’ve kept tabs on it.  I was pretty excited when we hit a thousand, and a week or two ago we hit 2000.  As it was coming up through the 1900’s I was associating it with years.  1978, the year of my birth, came and went, then a few other key years of my life.  2007 came and went and before you knew it, I saw we were up to 2076.  Wow, I thought to myself.  In 2076 I’ll be 98 years old.  I glanced at it today and we were up to 2080.  Man, I thought sadly to myself, I’ll either be 102 by then or I’ll be dead.

But right now I’m alive.  Amanda slept a little later than usual today and instead of the normal morning of going out for breakfast then going to Wal-Mart we fixed French toast and eggs.  Well, Amanda fixed the French toast.  I was going to.  We ate outside because it was very nice, and then we packed Bruce up and went over to the Frazelle household on Wrightsville Beach.

The Frazelles, for the most part, are scattered to the winds this weekend.  Barry took Hannah and a few of her guy friends to Costa Rica for some surfing while Kirsten went with a friend to, where was it, Colorado?   So Amanda and I met up with Anna and Scout and took a walk on the beach.  After that Amanda and Anna went to the grocery store to get some things for dinner and took a walk while Bruce and I napped.  I had a very productive day.

They fixed me some chicken and ate some fish themselves.  We also had salad and a baked potato.  I finished off a key lime pie while watching the Final Four.  That was sort of a nice time.  Amanda and Anna didn’t care at all about Georgetown and Ohio State, but if we’d put a movie on there wouldn’t have been any talking, and talking is what’s fun about visiting.

Georgetown lost, by the way, so I have absolutely no hope in winning my tournament pool.  I’m pulling for Ohio State to win now.  First and foremost I don’t want Florida to win because they’d then have the most recent back-to-back tournament wins, stealing Duke’s thunder.  UCLA has enough championships already, but then again with exactly two minutes left in that game Florida’s leading UCLA by twelve.  Oh, ten.  Florida’s pretty much run roughshod over the Bruins tonight.  Twelve.  There’ve been a lot of questionable calls both ways and UCLA ran out of time outs with just under fourteen minutes left in the second half.  They were also plagued with quite a bit of foul trouble.  This game’s been about as exciting as last year’s championship game, which featured these same two teams.

Ohio State and Georgetown was a much better game.  During that game Amanda and I pointed out Greg Oden to Anna and asked her how old she thought he was.  Not knowing we were watching a college basketball game, she guessed 38, saying she’d have guessed higher if we weren’t pointing it out.  The funny thing about that is that Greg Oden is a freshman.  Dude looks 50.

Florida’s up eleven with just under a minute to go, so I’m calling Ohio State and Florida for the championship game.  I’ll be pulling for Ohio State like Florida’s the Tar Heels.  The announcers just said that if Florida wins the championship, they’ll actually be the first starting five to go back-to-back.

After we got back Amanda picked up a little (which Anna interpreted as something else).  I went over to Bonnie and Dave’s to drop off a key so Bonnie could let Bruce out or bring him over to play with her dog, Cream, in between the time we head to Raleigh for Cirque du Soleil and when Michael gets back to town.  She and Dave were hanging out with the people next door to them.

Florida just won, 76-66.  Come on, Buckeyes!

Bonnie has an 18 year-old nephew who was diagnosed with cancer a few months back.  On March 4th (my birthday) he was given a clean bill of health.  A few days ago he discovered it was back, so she asked us to keep him in our prayers.  18 years old, the poor guy.  He should be worrying about college applications, not chemo.  I sincerely hate cancer.  Seriously, I know it’s pointless to hate it, but I hate it.

Zach Dotsey