Amanda went into work late today while I had a 9:00 meeting.  It was a bit of a reversal for us, since I’m usually the one still in bed when the other is leaving for work.  But she went in late today because she has trouble sleeping in a car and knew we’d be back late.  She’d arranged it last week.  I think when I set my meeting I wasn’t thinking about what I’d be doing the night before.  I usually don’t make meetings that early anyway, but the client I was meeting with had a sense of urgency and a full schedule.  On the upside, it was a good meeting.

After I was done with my meeting Amanda and I went out to IHOP to breakfast.  I came home and got to work while Amanda out away some laundry she said she’d put away a couple weeks ago then headed off to work.

Amanda said Bruce was confused this morning.  Although Bruce slept with us last night he slept in Michael’s room this morning.  When he came upstairs he went to the office looking for me then came to the bed.  Amanda pulled him up on it and she said he saw the pile of pillows on my side of the bed and thought I was in that; had his tail wagging and everything but then stopped when he saw I wasn’t there.

I was pretty busy with work.  There were two or three people who were in dire need of some help, so I felt pulled in several directions at once.

After work I was playing at organizing a bunch of pictures and Amanda decided to print off a couple for work.  Not a whole lot else going on for the evening.  Amanda watched a repeat of How I Met Your Mother while Michael played Gears of War (with his hard drive in my Xbox 360).

Right now I’m watching the NCAA championship game between Florida and Ohio State with the aforementioned brother-in-law.  It’s a “revenge match” of the BCS Bowl game, the college football championship.  I’m pulling for Ohio State hard because Duke was the last team to repeat as NCAA champions, and if Florida wins tonight they’ll supplant that.  Michael’s pulling for Ohio State too, I think because he just thinks the Gators are over-hyped.  The only person I know personally who is pulling for Florida is my dad, just because they’re SEC and he grew up SEC.  I guess Amanda’s cousin Marcy will be going for the Gators too.

Ohio State is playing better now than they were in the first half, but Florida seems to be hitting just about everything they throw up there.  The Buckeyes just can’t seem to get any closer than nine or so.  Twelve minutes left and I’m done writing.  I’ll let you know how it goes later.

Zach Dotsey