All over the world today people are talking about the shootings at Virginia Tech. The name of the killer has come out, as has some information about him. His name was Cho Seung-Hui and the kid was a psychopath. Obviously, right? There was a memorial service at the Virginia Tech campus and even President Bush was there. It came on at 2:00 and I meant to watch it but I was pretty busy with work at the time. Condolences came in from leaders all over the world, along with criticisms on our culture from some. The criticism, what I remember being from Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard, wasn’t acidic, merely a commentary on our gun culture, and pointing to the fact that Australia, having had their own shooting rampage a number of years ago, identified with it.

That terrible stuff aside, Michael dropped me off to pick up the Jetta, which Amanda had dropped off yesterday at the VW place. Just standard stuff.

Bruce’s swelling is gone. We got a call from the vet I talked to yesterday evening from Dineen to make sure Bruce was doing okay. I really appreciated the call.

We watched American Idol tonight, as we are wont to do on Tuesday nights. The special guest coach was Martina McBride, whom I met a number of years ago while spending a summer in Dallas with Aunt Robbie. The theme was country music, and it was about a 50-50 show. Phil did the best he’s done in a while, and Melinda and Jordin did really well. The rest were just okay, with the exception of Sanjaya who took a step backwards this week. The kid should be going home. We’ll see.

There was a special on Nightline or whichever news show comes on the same channel as Boston Legal, which pre-empted Boston Legal, about the Virginia Tech killings. I mostly watched it, but really it was by and large a rehash of everything that’s been on the news the last two days.

Zach Dotsey