I started today out working up at The Connection for a bit.  I actually went there to meet with Noelle, our intern who is doing  good bit of marketing research for us, but I’ve been meaning to get out of the house for the past few days anyway.  I stuck around for a while after she left, and I would have stayed longer, but around noon I lost my internet connection, which seems to happen up there with relative frequency.  As much as I like the place, that’s my biggest gripe.  I go up there to eat a muffin, drink some green tea, and do some work.  If the internet quites working, and when it does it tends to do so for a good little while, then there’s no point in sticking around, especially when I’ve got a lot to do.

That was a tangent.

Michael went to his interview today.  As predicted, he didn’t go to Starbucks and he didn’t go to the bank, but Amanda later told me he was going to go to the bank in Richlands.  He said he should know something next week.  He left to go to Richlands sometime this afternoon.

Amanda and I had fun tonight.  We watched a little TV first (our recording of Lost is messed up, so we’re going to watch that next week when they show the previous week’s episode, then Supernatural and Smallville) then Amanda sprayed me with the water bottle we use for some of the indoor plants and for Moo! when she’s eating Bruce’s food.  So I picked her up and threw her down on the bed.  Then when I let her go she sprayed me again.  I ran after her and she ran into the bathroom to empty out the bottle, thinking I was going to take it from her and spray her, which I actually had no intentions of doing.  I did take the sprayer part of the bottle though, because she started misting me with what was left in the hose part, and I got her once or twice with that, but it was weak.

Amanda’s dad, Phil Mercer, is coming by tomorrow with his chainsaw.  We’re going to be cutting back the azaleas out front.  I hate to do it, because they’re very pretty, but they’re causing the patio railing to rot and almost completely cover up the sidewalk.  We’ll plant something else there at some point.

Phil’s leaving Richlands at 8:00, so I guess Amanda and I won’t have our usual Saturday morning.

Zach Dotsey