Michael went to meet with the Starbucks guy today, but apparently he won’t be back in until Thursday.  He did get his tires rotated though.

Not a whole lot to note about today.  Cobb was still a little woozy early in the day, but he got better.  Mooo! kept hissing at Cobb, which we think may have to do with Cobb having been at the vet and maybe picking up some extra scents.  Then again, Amanda said she hissed at her some this morning.  She was sweet as ever to me though.

This evening we caught up on some TV- CSI: Miami, Law & Order: SVU then Entourage.  Amanda doesn’t watch Entourage, but we had half an hour before American Idol came on and she’d gone upstairs to change, so I figured I’d flip it on.

American Idol was kind of boring tonight, which I predicted early on.  The songs were those of Barry Gibb from The BeeGees.  I appreciate some of their music, but ’70s dance music isn’t typically my thing, and neither is the music of the people he’s produced for.  My prediction is that LaKisha will go home.  The final show will probably be Blake and Melinda.  Melinda should win based on talent.  That said, I think Blake is the most marketable person on the show, followed by Jordin.

After that we watched House then Amanda went to bed.  I played some Gears of War with Michael Mercer and Chris Flowers.  I played pretty decently for a few matches, but they kept ending when the hosts would quit.  The last two matches I didn’t do so hot in, although to be fair in the very last match we played the fourth guy on our team quit and three of the other team’s players were in a clan together.  During all that I talked to Chris about having dinner Friday night, since Amanda and I will be in Charlotte.

Zach Dotsey