Today was like many other days at work in which I feel like I was busy all day but didn’t feel like I got enough accomplished.  I decided a few days ago to make a goal of making an extra $50 each day.  I started out well with that, and I’m ahead of the game as far as averaging it out goes, but today I didn’t actually make any extras money.

I did get a paycheck though.  Of course, it’s smaller than it used to be since I’m withholding more taxes now.  Between that and the IRA and money market account Amanda and I are doing, finances have been a little tight the past few weeks.

After I got back from running around I went to Bonnie and Dave Narron’s house to let their dog, Cream, out for a bit.  Bonnie had called a little earlier in the day and asked if I could do that for her.  Bruce and I walked across the street and let Cream out in the backyard.  I let Bruce stay and play with Cream for a little while.

Not long after Amanda got home, she, Michael and I went to Anna and Barry Frazelle’s.  We stopped by the Mayfaire Starbucks on the way to let Michael drop off an application.  He’d gone to meet with the guy he was supposed to meet with this morning, but the person at the counter, the manager, told him that Steve was busy.  Michael told her that he was supposed to meet Steve about a job and she told him that they weren’t hiring at that Starbucks and that she was the manager.  She basically stonewalled him from getting to talk to the guy, who was planning on introducing him to people at the other stores.  I don’t know what the deal was with that.

Dinner was nice.  Anna made chicken and corn and salad and for dessert she’d gotten some Cinnabonns.  We all hung out and watched The Office before heading back home.  We always have a good time with the Frazelles.  Anna had gotten Amanda a really nice picture frame for her birthday.

Zach Dotsey