I figured out last night how to make clothes, or at least edit clothes, in Sims 2. I made a Duke t-shirt and athletic apparel. The motivation behind it is that since I made a house that looks like ours, I should make some clothes to boot. That and some of the clothes selections that come with the game (particularly the men’s bathing suits) suck.

Back to work after the weekend of travel. Fortunately the hecticness came in spurts, and overall today wasn’t an above-average tough day for me. I even made time to meet Amanda at Ruby Tuesday’s for turkeyburgers. I never thought a turneyburger would sound all that good, but last time we went there Amanda got one and it was really good, so I thought I’d have one myself today. We sat outside. It was warm in the sun, but under the canopy where we ate the wind was pretty chilly.

Amanda got home and we watched TV. We caught up on Supernatural, which was the episode before the season finale and was pretty good, and we watched a couple episodes of Smallville. We’ve still got one left. Smallville has been very up and down. In one episode there were recollections of the friendship between Clark and Lex while Lana shows that marrying into the Luthor family is making her a tad evil. Or at least dark. The second episode we watched hearkened to film noir. I thought a lot of it was actually pretty well done, like the car chase scene with the obvious projection background. Aaron Ashmore, who plays Jimmy Olsen (and whose older brother, Shawn Ashmore, played a villain on the show before) did a decent job talking the talk of a film noir hero. I don’t think Tom Welling (Clark Kent) bothered to try to talk like he was in a 30’s or 40’s movie. But it was a decent episode.

After that we watched the season finale of How I Met Your Mother. I thought it was a really good episode in that it showed a lot of heart. It took place during the wedding reception of Marshall and Lily and revolved around Barney trying to figure out a secret Ted and Robin were trying to hide. It was a bittersweet episode.

By the time we caught up and finished How I Met Your Mother Heroes was coming on. It was another solid episode, although the beginning was just… awkward. Last week finished off with Peter coming into contact with Ted, who has fire/radiation powers. The whole series has been leading up to a giant explosion that blows up New York, and at the end of last week’s episode, Peter starts glowing uncontrollably and tells Claire to shoot him.

That’s where it picked up this week, and as we go to a commercial break Claire is pulling out a gun. When we come back, Peter starts powering down and says it’s okay, that he’s good. It was just awkwardly handled. “Kill me, kill me! Oh no, wait, I’m good.” It was a shame to see Ted get killed by Sylar. I thought Ted was an interesting character and had a lot of potential. They also may have killed DL, the guy who can walk through walls. DL was shot in the gut but was able to Shadowcat Lendermann’s brain out of his head before the end. I didn’t see Lendermann dying either, although since his power is healing (up to this point, we’ve just seen him heal others), maybe he’ll be back.

Amanda went to bed after that while I caught up on The Sopranos. I had two episodes to watch, which I think went well together. I didn’t quite buy what happened in the second one, which was that Tony killed his nephew, Chris. I figured something would happen to Chris, but I really didn’t see Tony Soprano doing it himself. Poor Chris. He’d been doing so well for himself.

Zach Dotsey