Halo 3 was pretty fun, but very frustrating at the same time.  Michael, Chris and I all tried to play as a team on Xbox Live, but our group would just sit in the Matchmaking queue forever.  Sometimes the other player slots would fill up and then it would reset, leaving us to wait even longer.  The Halo 3 Beta has three multiplayer maps on it.  We’ve only been able to see two so far.  I didn’t stay up playing it nearly as late as I thought I would, just out of frustration.  Hopefully they’ll fix such issues before the game goes live.
Work today was as it has been for some time now.  It was busy.  Not to the point of overwhelming, but very busy.  Nearly overwhelming.

Michael came home this evening.  He unpacked and made himself a dinner of steak, a potato and fried okra.  He wasn’t best pleased with his okra.  He left a little after 7:00 to hang out with Chris (not Flowers) at Buffalo Wild Wings.
Small group was really good tonight I think.  Everyone was pretty open, which is amazing considering especially how long Adam and Meagan have been with us.  I kept thinking how far Elliot’s come in being able to express himself.

We finished the What If? series this week and are starting The Case for Christ next week.  The reading assignment is light: the preface and chapter one.

Rob and Kristen were gone this week.  I think they were in Costa Rica.  I’m terrible at keeping up with schedules.

After everybody left Amanda, Michael (who’d come back by this point) and I watched tonight’s season finale of The Office.  It centered around Michael, Jim and Karen interviewing for a corporate position.  The ending was great.  Unbeknownst throughout the episode, apparently Ryan has also interviewed for the corporate position, and at the end he is told he got the job.  He thanks the corporate guy and hangs up.  When Kelly, the overbearing, shallow and annoying girlfriend he hasn’t gotten around to getting rid of, asks who that was, he says with a nearly vicious grin, “Nobody.”  Then he adds on, “Me and you, we’re through.”  Kelly screeches “WHAT?” while Ryan gives the camera a rare gleeful look.  Words don’t do it justice, but it was brilliant.
I’d started playing the Halo 3 Beta tonight when Amanda told me from upstairs where the news was on the TV that gas prices were expected to rise above the national average here tomorrow and her gas tank was low.  Fortunately I’d gotten myself some earlier in the day for the bargain price of $2.95 per gallon.  I went on out to get some for the Jetta.  The Kangaroo station had already increased it to $3.02 per gallon, but the Gogas right behind it was at $2.97, so I went there.  Every little bit, yeah?

After that I got home and played the Halo 3 Beta with Michael Mercer, Chris Flowers and another guy from Charlotte.  We had a few decent games, but I don’t think we won many.  I’d actually done better the night before.

Zach Dotsey