We went to church this morning then went to eat at Sweet & Savory.  We used to eat there quite a bit as Amanda quite liked it but it had been a while since we’d eaten there, and they really changed things a lot.  The place was about twice as big, they’d added a bar and done a lot of redecorating, added new bathrooms and made a really nice patio area out back.  We decided to eat there, out back.  They had a bunch of tables with umbrellas and some nice landscaping and flowers.  It wasn’t too hot out yet, so we had a nice breakfast.
After we ate we returned home.  We debated whether to go on out to the beach and mow the lawn later or mow first then go.  I decided to mow first because I knew that if we went to the beach first I really wouldn’t feel like mowing after we got back.  I finished and took a shower.  I was really sweaty.  I mean really sweaty.  I convinced Amanda to run a finger down my back a few minutes after I had gotten back into the house and the sweat was just layered on my back.  She hates touching sweat.

While I was mowing she was catching up a bit on her Days of Our Lives and then, as she is wont to do, started watching a movie on Sci-Fi.  This one featured Egyptian mummies in California that come to life and terrorize people.  I only mention it because Amanda noticed that one guy was wearing a Karl shirt.  My brother, Adam Dotsey, brought everybody Karl Strauss shirts for Christmas when he moved back here from San Diego.  It’s a brewery where he worked.

The Karl shirt was being worn by a guy who was unfortunately seduced and killed by a hot naked mummy woman.  Actually, I think she was a priestess.  They actually blurred out her boobs, which I thought was odd for a Sci-Fi Original.  Not that they didn’t show the funbags, but that they bothered to have them out where they’d need to blur them out anyway.  I mean, it was a movie made for the Sci-Fi Channel.

We left to go to the beach around 12:30.  When we got to the Frazelles’ house, where we park, we ended up talking to Anna for a while before we went outside.  Hannah was there, even though they’d just moved her into UNC-Wilmington yesterday.  She told us about her roommates.  I told her I envied her because she’s up for such a fun time of her life.

We finally went out to the beach and mostly just laid out.  I napped a bit.  Anna, Amanda and I walked to the end of the island then Amanda and I went back to the house and rinsed off before heading back towards the house.  On the way back we stopped by the place on Cardinal Drive where the building for our church, Port City Community Church, is being built.  The place is going to be right large.

We picked up some salad supplied from Lowe’s food and went on home.  We both took another shower then ate some salad.  Ya know, that means I ended up taking a total of four showers today- one when I woke up, one after mowing, one to rinse off at the beach then another one back at home to actually wash off the sand and lotion and everything.

Our feet were hurting for both of us tonight.  I mean I was walking on the sides of my feet.  Amanda’s postulation was that the sand was hotter than we realized and we burnt them walking around.

Zach Dotsey