Later wake up than usual
Manhattan Bagels for breakfast, then on to the beach
Amanda’s friend Robin visiting beach with friends.  Parked at Frazelle’s, walked about 1.5 miles down beach to where they were.  Was hot out, but water was really great.
Hung out with Robin & friends.  Went to Trolley Stop, took a long time.
Walked back, cooler with some cloud cover.
Went home, showered, let Bruce out.  I took a short nap then back out to Oceanic.
One of Robin’s friends roommate of Nathan Schenkman
One of Robin’s friends dissed iPhone
Stood on pier for a bit listening to music after dinner, waited for sun to set, but was behind clouds.  Saw Polly and Dave Clawson- daughter’s birthday party on beach by pier.
Adam and Renee came by- Snakes on a Plane and Bob Sagat.

Zach Dotsey