Started day with flat tire.
Packed everything up and were going to hang out for a bit but Amanda felt terrible so we left.
Got Bruce, took him upstairs to see Amanda in bed, she started coughing and ran to throw up.
She napped for a while, I played with Labor Day pictures.
She cam down as I was about to nap myself, watched Lady in the Water (I’ll have to rewatch- kept falling asleep) and then Brokeback Mountain.  I picked up Elizabeth’s Pizza in between, thought about getting some Fix-A-Flat.
Michael came by to do some laundry (had picked up some extra shifts) and watched a bit of Brokeback with us.
Went out to get some Fix-A-Flat and air pressure gauge.
Watched some more TV, just taking it easy.  Watched part of The Pickup Artist.  Amanda wanted to go to bed so DVRed the rest.
Watched Entourage and the rest of The Pickup Artist before bed.
Meeting tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey