Amanda woke up late for work today.  I actually woke up a few minutes before she did and glanced at the clock, but in my sleepy state I didn’t really think anything of it.  A couple minutes later Amanda woke up, moved Cobb’s face out of hers (Cobb was probably staring at her wondering why he hadn’t been fed yet) and jumped out of bed when she saw the time.  She got up half an hour late but she got ready, shower and everything, in about fifteen minutes.  She said hopefully the extra half hour would be worth the rush.

I had lunch with Amanda at Temptations today.  She didn’t see me when she first came in because I was at a table towards the back.  I was waving at her and she was looking around until a waitress asked me if I was trying for “the little one in the peasant shirt,” which I was so she told Amanda where I was.  (The other option was the three older women in front of her.  I guess the waitress figured Amanda fit me better.)  I thought that was cute: the little one in the peasant shirt.

I tried a new salad there.  I forget what it was called, but it had mandarin oranges, caramelized pecans and a raspberry dressing of some kind.  It was very good.

After lunch work got a little busier.  Nothing like it was yesterday, but I had plenty to do.  I ended up working until about 6:30, but after that Amanda (who was quite ready for me to be done working at that point) and I went to Lowe’s to pick up a lock for the little shed and a light bulb for the fridge.  The light bulb has been out for a few weeks now and we kept forgetting to pick up a new one.

Skipping ahead, the new bulb didn’t seem to do any good, which is great because I guess that means something’s wrong with the refrigerator.  And skipping back a bit, the reason we had to get a lock for the little shed, which is where we keep the wheelbarrow, the hammock, the lawnmower and the grill, is because the side gate was open.  The reason I knew that was that I let Bruce out to pee this morning, and when I went outside a little bit later I didn’t see him.  I didn’t really think much of it because sometimes he likes to sit in either side of the yard and ignore everything but the sun shining on him, so when he didn’t come from me calling him I didn’t think much of it.

A few minutes later though, I heard him barking.  It sounded like he was barking from the front of the house, but I figured he must be near the front of the fence in the backyard.  It continued a bit so I finally poked my head out and there he was near the porch in the front yard, barking at an offending dog across the street and down a couple houses who was watching his human water some plants or something.  I scooped up the ten-pound menace and walked around the side, where I saw that the gate was a little open.  It’s entirely possible that I left the gate open a few weeks ago when last I mowed the yard, but I would think Bruce would have discovered this tidbit beforehand, so it’s a little hinky that it was open.

Flashing back forward, after Lowe’s we decided to get some food and we finally chose Krazy’s Pizza.  We ended up getting a white pizza and we had a good time just eating and talking.  Or I did anyway.  I kept talking about the lingerie shop just a few doors down.  Amanda didn’t want to go in there so I told her about the project assigned by my freshman English teacher at UNCG, Philip, in which he assigned groups to choose something to do from a list designed to do something outside the group’s comfort zone.  My group chose to go to an adult store (although it wasn’t a brand new thing for me).  Amanda still didn’t want to go, although she said she’d go to Victoria’s Secret with me.  When I looked at the place as we were leaving, it looked like it was just lingerie, not a smut shop as we’d assumed.

We didn’t go to Victoria’s Secret.  We went on home.  Amanda let the pizza settle while watching Deal or No Deal (nothing else on).  Then, ya know.  We went to bed.

Zach Dotsey