Breakfast at Atlanta Bread (versus PCJ)

Tried to coordinate our events for the day- me going to Beerfest with Adam and Amanda going for a walk on the beach. Long story short we went to Petco to pick up a new, stronger leash for Harvey then Old Navy to get an inexpensive light-colored shirt (had a dark one on and it was hot) then Amanda dropped me off at Hugh McRae Park with Harvey. He got some looks as we were passing down the line from a number of people. Found Adam not too far from the back of the line. A few minutes later we got double bad news. Our line was for people who had already bought tickets and tickets were sold out. So we bought our own beer and went back to the house. We sat outside talking for a bit them went in to play Halo 3.

Amanda, meanwhile, had taken Bruce and went walking on the beach with Anna and Scout. She came home around 4 and we left to go back to the Frazelles’ around 4:30. I let Adam hang around to play more Halo.

Got to the Frazelles’ and Bsrry said the waves were good so we went out surfing. I actually did pretty good and got up five times. Rode all but one of those all the way in. Barry was impressed with one of the ones I caught. I did get knocked off the board a few times and once did a few underwater rolls. It was actually kind of fun. In its own way.

We stayed out until the sun went down. I got caught in a trough where all the waves were breaking right on me as I was trying to paddle out, which was damn frustrating, but I made a goal to get out there so I could sit and look at the sky. I hadn’t prayed yet today, which I usually do in the mornings, so I just told God that he knew all the things on my heart, but as I was looking at the setting sun and the pink and purple water reflecting on the other side if the sky, I told God that I just wanted to say thank you.

We went in just a little after the sun went down. It was definitely cooler. Barry and I had a good talk on the way back to the house.

We cooked out- chicken and pineapple kabobs, salad and bread. Michael called and said even though everything was still on last time he talked to Tony, the girl he was supposed to go out with tonight, he hadn’t heard from her today. He even left messages to just let him know if she’d changed her mind, but nada so he came and ate dinner with us. It was just the five if us- Gannah was visiting her friend Maddie in Virginia or West Virginia and Kirsten was at the movies with a friend.
Amanda made brownies for dessert but they didn’t cook right- apparently Anna’s oven doesn’t like to cook them right. But the middle was good enough. Barry had some and I mixed some in with some ice cream. Yummy.

I was surprisingly tired after dinner. Anna picked up Kirsten as the rest of us half-watched Chuck. I was trying to fall asleep but Amanda’s stomach was hurting do she made me wake up enough to drive.

I expect two things- I’ll sleep well tonight and I’ll be sore tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey