Work busier than expected.

Amanda got off about half an hour early.  We scrambled to pack and get everything in the car and left right around 6:00.  Filled up on gas (using a gas card Amanda had been gifted just before coming home) and grabbed some BoJangles in Warsaw.  In Durham, instead of going through downtown we took a different route to Rougemont, going via the Hillsborough Road exit.  I think it ended up taking about the same amount of time.

On the way to Rougemont Amanda and I listened to Christmas music.  We listened a lot to one XM station that had a bunch of gimmicky, or at least less traditional, songs, some of which we thought
Adam and Renee were already in Rougemont when we got there, as was my first sister, Erin.  Erin’s hair is really long and straightened.  It looked nice.  Mom and Dad checked out Harvey, as it’s the first time they’ve seen him.  Amanda and I unloaded a few things and decided to stay in the first room upstairs instead of the one all the way at the back.

We just hung out.  Dad had made some outmeal no-bake cookies.  Adam and I played a bunch of co-op Guitar Hero III to try to progress the game a bit for him.  He’s better than I am at that game by quite a margin.

Zach Dotsey