The dogs got me up again this morning. I’ve had a real hard time getting back to sleep once they wake me up ever since we left our house and because of that I’m getting a little resentful of Amanda not taking them out. She doesn’t get to sleep in this often though, so I let it slide and just think that it’s nice that I can do this for her, even if she doesn’t know.

Besides, once we start having kid’s she’ll be the one to get up more than I.

Day after Christmas in Oxford. Complaining on the way. Nasty weather. Phil didn’t go.

Cliques up there. Ryan and later Caroline with us.

Michael fussed at by Patsy about throwing wrapping paper.

I mostly napped on the way back. Watched Live Free or Die Hard as a family. Dogs kept distracting. Watched some History Channel with Michael while I dozed off.

Zach Dotsey