Everyone got up today and got dressed and ready to go to Miss Bolin’s burial.  It wasn’t too far- just on the other side of Beulaville.  It was just family and a few close friends of the family.  While waiting around we discovered that a few of us were standing on the graves (or at least near the headstones) of the grandparents of a girl Michael dated way back when.

Some words were said and the burial took place.  Afterwards when everyone was standing around we decided to go to Pizza Village for lunch.  Originally someone planned on taking everyone to the Mexican place I ate at with Michael and Phil the other day, but Pizza Village was a nicer choice.  It’s across the street from Miss Bolin’s house and everyone used to go there pretty often when visiting her, so it held at least a little more significance.

So everyone split up and went their separate ways to change then reconvened a little while later for lunch.  Afterwards pretty much everyone headed home.  I wondered if I’ll ever see some of that side of the family again.  Ona and Peter and Stanton and William, yeah, sure.  They’re closer relatives.  But Phil’s cousins and their kids and grandkids, those are the ones I wondered about.

Amanda and I swung back by her grandparents’ house to pick up our stuff and our dogs and headed on home to Wilmington.  After we unpacked the car we did absolutely nothing.  We hadn’t been in our own house in over a week, so it felt good to just be there.  (Technically, Amanda had stopped by to pick up some things a few days before, but you get my drift.)

Zach Dotsey