The last day of 2007 went like this:

Adam played Mass Effect until 5:00 when Amanda told me that she couldn’t get back to sleep.  I’d fallen asleep on the couch sometime around midnight I think, but I’d told Adam he was fine to play the Xbox until whenever.  I woke up and went upstairs around 3 or 4 I think.  Adam later called to apologize for staying so late.  I didn’t care, and when Amanda and I talked about it I think we came to understand that it is just a difference in something between our families.  If Adam wants to come over and play my games when we’re not around it’s fine by me.  To Amanda it’s a little weird.  She wasn’t mad or anything though.
Amanda’s first day back to work.  Nice to only have to go back for one day, as she has tomorrow off.  Helps break out gently out of your vacation.
I started off the day hooking up the surround sound so far as I could.  I got all of it hooked up with the exception of the back wireless speakers, which we’re having installed anyway.  I also couldn’t get the sound on the TV hooking it up through the HDMI cables, so I’ll let the installers fix that too.  I played a little of the solo singing career on Rock Band too, just to try it out with nobody around.  I unlocked a few songs I was looking forward to being able to play that way, including Epic (Faith No More), Dani California (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Don’t Fear the Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult).

The rest of the day was work, which there was a little more of than I expected there to be even though it was mostly clean-up and walking to the bank and Subway to pay the mortgage because the car wouldn’t start.  It seems to have an issue with me not using it for a couple weeks.  Maybe it feels neglected.

I was the first 2008 transaction at the bank for the teller I went to, as I got there just after 2:00.  She was a really nice lady and we ended up talking for a little while.  She and her husband ha four kids in the same boy-girl order as my parents, although hers were a little more spread out than my parents’ brood.
Amanda got home and told me about a problem they had at work today with UPS.  Two boxes were missing and at least one was signed for in her name.  One turned up at PPD (they were nice enough to call) and another was just not around.  The boxes were addressed to her so it’s assumed whoever signed for them just signed the name on the box.  She said the signature didn’t have a last name.  Amanda’s not suspected of anything, but somebody at UPS is probably going to get in some trouble.

Amanda and I ordered a pizza for dinner and Michael came over to hang out for a bit.  We watched Fight Club on HBO On Demand, which I’ve been itching to do for a little while.  A little over halfway through it I had one of my allergic reaction.  It was a minor one, but it still didn’t feel good at all.  We still don’t know exactly what causes it, but it appears to be some combination of dairy and spices, and we did have cheese and the seasoning that came with the pizza.

It’s really not a comfortable feeling.  I have to use the bathroom really bad and feel like I’m going to puke, not to mention that my stomach feels extremely bloated, like there’s a bunch of pressure inside it.  I also get itchy and red and sometimes a little swollen.  Amanda said when I came out I was pale and clammy.  I was in the bathroom for a little while but I’m fine now.

So Amanda has finally seen Fight Club.  When the movie was over we all just sat around and watched the Rockin’ New Years special with Dick Clark (who made an appearance, which was nice considering the condition his stroke left him in). Michael went ahead and left then Amanda and I watched some news before the Rockin’ New Year Special continued half an hour before midnight.  We were all really tired for some reason and were staying up really more out of obligation than anything.  It’s probably the most pathetic New Years Eve I’ve ever had.

Zach Dotsey