Yeah, I’ve probably called another day the best day of the year already so far, but this one’s better.

Slightly different Saturday morning, but it started out the same as most.  At 10:00 we were online trying to get Bon Jovi tickets.  The only option we were presented the one time we were able to find seats was behind the stage.  After that all the tickets were taken.  Amanda looked around online and already found a whole bunch of tickets for sale by scalpers for at least twice the actual price.

Amanda was pretty angry at that so I told her to pick where to go for breakfast.  We ended up at IHOP, where they have a special with as many pancakes as you want.

We went by Circuit City and Best Buy.  Amanda got a Bon Jovi compilation CD then we did laundry and played Rock Band before watching Maryland beat Carolina at the Dean Dome.  Yes, that’s right: Maryland beat Carolina at their own home.  It was a thing of beauty.  The final score was 82-80, and when the clock ran out I jumped up, Amanda and I high-fived and we were both just overjoyed.

Down the road from there, Duke and Clemson were set to play at Cameron.  I was nervous because Clemson is pretty good this year and almost beat the Tar Heels earlier this season.  They were showing the Carolina-Maryland game at Cameron and Duke and Clemson fans were celebrating together.

We only got to watch the first half of that game as we were going to go see a production of Tommy at City Stage, which is at the bar Level 5.  I’ve heard of Level 5 but had never been there.  It’s a pretty cool place- part of it is on a roof overlooking downtown Wilmington.  Duke was up five at the half.  I did my best not to check the score on the iPhone, but Mike (Allison’s Mike) let me know that Duke was still up a few minutes into the second half.  I had asked him.

Tommy was pretty good.  The tickets had been messed up and we were all sitting apart in odd groups, but when I told them this they swapped some other tickets around and all six of us (me and Amanda, Adam and Renee, Mike and Allison and Cyra and Dave) sat in the back corner.  Well, five of us were in the back and three of us (ended up being me, Adam and Renee) sat in the next to last row.  It’s a small theater so it didn’t really matter.

I meant to mention that the weather was nasty and rainy, but Amanda and I ended up getting a really good parking place just around the corner.  Everyone else had to walk a bit.

Anyway, we went on home after the play and watched the Duke-Clemson game on the DVR.  Duke won 93-80.  See, it was the best day of the year!  Carolina lost and Duke won and we went out with friends to see a rock opera.  Yeah, Amanda was upset about the Bon Jovi concert, but (and don’t tell her this) I’d give up going to see Bon Jovi if the trade off is a Carolina loss and a Duke win.

Zach Dotsey