I’m coming down with something. My throat’s a little sore.

Work was busy, as it has been.

While Amanda and I watched a bit of TV I worked on my sports stuff website and made quite a bit of progress. Over the past couple weeks I’ve been honing and refining the design and layout of the site, and while I’ve still been tweaking it some, I finally got it pretty much to where I like it I started creating interior pages for it. Being a Duke fan (if you didn’t know that already) I decided to start with them. Had I learned PHP and how to use it with a MySQL database, I could have shipped up an admin to take care of a lot of the things I’m doing manually now. Maybe one day I’ll do that.

For now though, I got all the Duke pages set up how I liked them, then I just copied the the directory and did a bunch of find and replaces to change the words. I’ve still got some individual page modifications to make though. Sigh. I figure if I can get about a conference done a week. I could do better than that, but I know I’d get burned out fast.

I played some Call of Duty. I had a decent game, but I’m generally mediocre at best.

On the heels of Carolina’s (get it: “heels”, “Carolina”?) loss to Maryland on Saturday they have dropped to fourth and fifth in the polls.  In third and fourth ahead of them?  Duke.  Yup.  Okay okay, rankings don’t really matter until late in the season, but still, it’s nice to have the world admit that Duke’s has been looking better than UNC.  I mean, both have one loss, but Duke lost to a ranked team whereas Carolina lost to a very streaky (unranked) Maryland team.  On top of that, Carolina is a couple bits of luck away from being 1-3 in the ACC.  Anyhoo.

Zach Dotsey