There wasn’t too much going on with work today. I mean there was stuff to do, but it wasn’t like it had been lately.

I was pretty hyped from yesterday’s game all day today. There was a lot of message board chatter. Overall the Carolina fans took the loss pretty well. And there were a LOT of happy Duke fans today. We’ll see what the rest of the season looks like. The great thing about Duke being on top in the ACC (aside from bragging rights of course) is that it should keep Carolina out of being the number one seed in the East for the NCAA tournament. Games will be played in Raleigh and Charlotte, which are very Tar Heel friendly. It could be argued that those cities are Duke friendly too, but there are so many more UNC fans in this state and since everyone assumed Carolina was going to be on top far and away this year, it’s pretty assured that most of the people going to the NCAA tournament games here will be Heels. So while I think Duke could get a better reception somewhere else, I think it’d be more important to keep Carolina out of here. Besides, this Duke team has already played in the Comcast Center (Maryland) and the Dean Dome (Carolina) so it’s not like they’re untested against hostile crowds.

We had small group tonight. It was the most normal session we’ve had in a while, just as far as discussions and whatnot go. Elliot Clark and Melissa Nicholson weren’t here tonight. Elliot’s grandmother in Myrtle Beach is not doing well and they think she doesn’t have long left.

When everyone left Amanda and I watched last week’s and this week’s episodes of Lost. Man am I glad that show is back.

Zach Dotsey