I got up a little bit early and took Mike Boscaljon to work this morning. He didn’t give me the best directions but that ended up being a good thing.  Coming into town you turn right onto Market to get to his and Kaitlyn’s apartment but the way he described it it sounded like you go to the left.  The problem is that he gave me directions off the exit, but I wasn’t planning on taking the exit.  That being said, it turned out to be a good thing because I took a left out of our neighborhood and the traffic was backed up all the way past the I-40 overpass.  I ended up having to backtrack, but I think that ended up saving me time anyway.

After work Amanda and I stopped by Sam’s Club to pick up a few things for the party on the way to Mike and Kaitlyn’s for small group, which I got to much more easily this time.  It was just us, them and Kyle and Lorin.  We just sat around the living room talking about things, but the discussions were really good.

Zach Dotsey