Zach and Jerry Dotsey, son and father, share the same birthday | Zach DotseyI’ve still got three days before I actually turn 30, but it feels really weird to type already.

Not the usual Saturday morning, this one.

The downstairs toilet (that everyone would be using) was messed up in that it kept running after it was flushed unless you jiggled the handle mightily. Fortunately Josh was there to help out with that.

Played with Jackson- we went looking for “landmines” in the backyard and swung on the hammock. Amanda, Ben, Jessica and I took him to Chick-Fil-A while Erin, Josh and Andra did some shopping and also got breakfast. Played with Jackson on the playground. Amanda and Jessica ran over to Party City to get balloons, at least three of which popped at some point before anyone even arrived. In the car on the way home Jackson took my hat and glasses and put them on and said, “Now I’m Zach!”

Watching the Duke vs. NC State game | Zach DotseyPeople started coming just after noon to watch the Duke-NC State game at the RBC Center. Wolfpack lead early, Duke got up two or so then State lead the entire game. Well, until 1:01 was left in the game, when two free throws from DeMarcus Nelson put the Blue Devils in the lead. There was no other scoring after that. Man, it felt good. I mean, NC State shot the lights out and hit almost every free throw, playing above themselves. Duke didn’t shoot well, couldn’t hit threes well until the end and also had a great free throw game. So watching the game wasn’t fun, but the payoff was nice, especially since the only people really going for Duke were me, Jason, Joel, Elliot and Amanda (who was busy making pizza most of the time, although someone would usually hit a three when she’d take a minute to watch). Everyone else who cared was either a Carolina or a State fan. Even my mother-in-law got in on the craptalk, and she didn’t care at all except that her dad had gone to NC State.

The party was a bit of a blur. People came and people went. Let’s see, the entire list was: Mom, Dad, Karen, Phil, Peggy, Earl, Erin, Adam, Renee, Andra, Josh, Jackson, Michael, Anna, Kirsten, Ben, Jessica, Jason, Joel, Elliot, Melissa, Rob and Kristen stopped by for a minute (it was her actual birthday- happy birthday Kristen Barriner!), Kyle, Lorin, Lorin’s sister, Lorin’s mom, Mike and Kaitlyn, David Sapp, Mary and Dave, Billy, Amy and Ben, Cyra and John, Blake and Stephanie Konny. I feel like I’m missing someone, but including me and Amanda that’s 41 people. Some people came and went though, so it’s not like we had that many people here the whole time, but it was still quite a lot.

The home-made baked pizza was a bit hit. We (well, Amanda and the people helping her) cooked twelve pizza pies and I don’t think there was anything left of them.

The party moved back inside a bit during the Carolina-Boston College game. Boston College lead most of the game behind a ridiculous 35-point first half from Tyrese Rice and an average of about a 12-point cushion, but of course they ended up losing 90-80. By that time I was outside trying to help put together the basketball goal Phil and Karen had gotten me. Michael and I started out helping Phil, then Phil kind of took over and it all morphed into eventually Blake and Josh working on it until dark.

Me and my Winston-Salem buddies  | Zach DotseyKyle and Dave are from Winston-Salem like Ben, and Amanda and I have always said that not only would Ben and Jessica get along with Kyle and Lorin, but it was surprising they didn’t already know each other. Ben spent a lot of time talking to Kyle and Dave, and it turns out that they were already really close to knowing each other.

Geez, there’s so much to talk about.

Towards the end of the night as it was getting dark and cooler everyone migrated inside where we played some Rock Band. Kyle and Dave really did an awesome job. They left to get some dinner after they had their turns, along with Lorin, Lorin’s mom and sister, Mike and Kaitlyn and Blake and Stephanie, so I guess Blake and Stephanie got along just fine with everyone.

As the night wore on more Rock Band was played. Erin, Josh and Dad got in on the singing. Mom disappeared with Jackson to go watch TV in the office. After Rock Band got worn out Amanda, Ben, Jessica, Michael, Andra, Josh and I played Imaginiff. I lead most of the way but Andra and I ended up finishing at the same time. Josh and Michael, both very competitive people, were pushing for us to do a tie-breaker, but we were all so tired that we didn’t much care.

All in all I had a terrific thirtieth birthday party. Lots of friends and family and a really good time- what more can you ask (aside from Carolina rolling over and losing to Boston College)?

Zach Dotsey