I made sure to wear a green shirt today, even though I wasn’t out much.  Well, I did go out a little more than usual today.  We ran out of dog food last night so I ran by PetSmart to pick some up, plus it’s time to give the animals their monthly meds and I had to pick up Bruce’s Sentinel tablet.  And I had to put a check in the bank, so I did that too.

Amanda picked up some macaroni and cheese, green beans and a chicken for dinner.  Michael had come over to play basketball, so we took a break to eat then went back out.  I sucked it up at HORSE today, losing each game.  But I did make a shot from the corner of the fence from behind the basketball goal twice before Michael did before we went in to eat.

We also played 21 a few times, and I lost all of those.  That being said, I should have won one of them, but your score resets if someone makes a putback from your shot, and during the game in question I scored double digits, as much as twenty once, before being reset.  I also had a number of putbacks in all of the games, plus a few blocks.  My brother-in-law is no doubt better than I am at basketball, but I do feel like I’m improving.

We ended up playing for about three hours, minus the time we took to eat.  After Michael left Amanda and I watched new episodes of Big Bang and How I Met Your Mother.

Zach Dotsey