Slept in a tad today.  Amanda went to Target while I got showered and such.  We were down to one roll of toilet paper.  She picked up some bagels while she was out.

We watched a bit of TV- The Soup, a Soup Model Special and Lost.

Michael came by.  He and I played a few games of HORSE (he won them all) until we were all ready to head to Beulaville.  I let Michael sit up front and Amanda drove, as both of them are prone to motion sickness.  I sat in the back and read some in True Blue, the Mike Krzyzewski book Ben and Jessica gave me for my birthday.

On the way there we somehow got into discussions of who would beat who in a fight.  Oh, it started with Michael asking that about Coach K and Roy Williams.  I said Coack K, of course, but I do actually believe it.  Michael had me try to look up topless pictures of both coaches on the iPhone to see if we could tell which was more fit.


Andra vs. Amanda

Parents vs. Parents

Me and Michael

Davidson beat Georgetown

Frazelles came, arm wrestling


Carolina destroyed Arkansas

Home, I was reading Duke board

John Adams