Kyle said he didn’t tell anybody at work today that it was his birthday because he didn’t want any fuss made over it.  Oh well, happy birthday, Kyle!

After work today Amanda and I went over to Kyle and Lorin’s.  On the way there We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions came on the XM Radio.  Amanda started singing along with  We Will Rock You and added in some air percussion.  The song, as everyone knows, has a clap-clap-stomp beat, but Amanda was doing knee slap-knee slap-knee slap, and each one had a different percussive beat.  I told her it was messing with me, so she decided to turn it into a quarter-time beat just to throw me off some more.  Then she added an "ahh ahh AHH AHH" chorus behind We Are the Champions, which actually had a nice sound to it.  Then she sang along with that and played some air piano.

Piano Man came on after that, and surprisingly she knew most of the words to that.  She continued on her air piano playing, although I had to point out to her that she was playing high notes when she should have been playing some lower notes.

Then we got to Hallmark and I had to go inside and look for a card for Kyle.  We also ended up getting him a coffee cup that has a button on it that plays the voices of these little guys that Hallmark seems to be marketing.  They slurp the coffee then just about have an orgasm in expressing their enjoyment of it.

We stopped by BoJangles to pick up some biscuits, which took much longer than it should have.  I wish there was another BoJangles in town.  The service is usually not very good at the one we have, and Amanda once found some mold in her coffee cream there.

We went on to Kyle and Lorin’s after that.  When we got there Kyle and his neighbor were outside their apartments talking.  I was wearing my Duke hat and Kyle said it took guts to wear that.  His neighbor, whose name I forget now, was a NC State fan, and I was nice enough not to point out that while Duke had a disappointed end to their season, at least they made the NCAA Tournament.  Kyle pointed it out himself after a minute.  We had a nice basketball discussion for a few minutes.

Dave Sapp came by and started making mojitos.  I’ve never had one before, but it was really good.  Kristen came over too and he made bananas foster.  Another couple came over too.  I can’t remember their names, but one is an artist and teaches home school kids and the guy was from Italy.  His name was Andrea.  Nick came too.  We all had a nice time sipping mojitos and eating bananas foster.

We got home around 9:00 and watched Idol.  I think Ramiele is going home this week.  Amanda went to bed and I played some Mass Effect, which I haven’t done in a while.  I’ve resolved to beat the Xbox 360 games I have before buying any more games.

Zach Dotsey