I got a call from John Pearson today.  He was in town for some work, but I wasn’t able to get away to meet him.  I told him that he and Autumn need to come down for a beach trip at some point.

After work Amanda put on her little Duke shorts and we walked the dogs around the neighborhood.  She tried to keep Harvey on a short leash and train him a bit, but I think it was more frustrating for her than it was helpful to Harvey.

When we got back we shot some basketball, which was fun.  Amanda’s pretty good with the two-handed chest pump mid-range shot.

We ate bagels and watched TV.  First we caught up on South Park then we watched Carolina beat Washington State to advance to the Elite 8.  Wazzu kept up with the Heels and even had a small lead for a bit.  They played great defense on them for a while in the first half, but the game got away from them towards the end of the that half and the rest of the game.  I kinda figured it would.  At about the same time Xavier was beating West Virginia.  That’s the game Duke should have been in.

During the halftime of the Carolina-Washington State game Amanda watched an episode of Ellen (she started recording them after she took a sick day and just fast forwards through the segments she’s not interested in) and I beat the computer at chess.  That may be a first.

Tennessee and Louisville played after that in a close game.  Louisville ended up winning that one, which further screwed up my bracket as I had Tennessee going to the Final Four, but from the talk of it the Heels fans were more afraid of Louisville anyway, so  hopefully that’s warranted.

Amanda went to bed early in that game.  UCLA and Western Kentucky came on, too.  UCLA had a handy lead for a while, but then Western Kentucky made a run.  I’d have rooted for them but at this point I’ve got to root for whoever has the best chance of beating the Tar Heels, so fortunately UCLA won.

Zach Dotsey