This morning was one of the busiest at work I’ve had in quite a while.  I weathered the storm though.  I’ve got a meeting tomorrow afternoon with a guy too.  I guess he must have appreciated my frank honesty.  I told him I didn’t think we were a good fit for some of his needs, but that we’d done a good job with search engine optimization for someone in his exact same field, so I guess he wants to discuss that.

I went out and picked up some Stouffer’s for dinner tonight.  It wasn’t bad.  It was chicken lasagna I think?  It was a little light on the chicken and the spinach didn’t bother me.  Amanda wanted some after hearing from someone that it was on sale at Food Lion.  It actually wasn’t, or it wasn’t anymore, or it wasn’t at the one near us.  It’s been a while since I’ve been up that way.

Not a whole lot else went on tonight.  I shot some basketball all on my lonesome for a bit then came in.  Amanda was watching Ellen then we watched CSI: Miami, which was the first of a two-parter with the other part coming on tonight.  That show is ridiculous.  I’m not entirely sure why we still watch it.  After that we watched American Idol, which was Dolly Parton-themed, which I think was very limiting for the contestants.  That said, Brooke White did Jolene, which, thanks to the White Stripes cover is probably one of my favorites, although I wish she’d left it to one of the rockers to do so they could do that version.  I forget what Jason Castro sang (I can’t remember what most of them sang as I’m just not that well versed in Dolly Parton) but he did a good job with it.  I’d like to see him go out a few spots before the final so he can go off and do his own thing.

After that we watched last week’s Reaper, which looks like it’s going to delve into something a little deeper as the end had overtones of conspiracy against the Devil.

I got a text message from Blake Konny tonight.  He invited us over to another game and dessert night at his and Stephanie’s place Friday, so that should be fun.  He recently introduced me to a band called The Format and I’ve had a few of their songs in my head a bunch lately.  In fact, when I listen to music while working, I usually listen to that, then maybe some Franz Ferdinand then Spoon followed by Modest Mouse.  That’s been the work soundtrack of late.

So, lots of TV tonight.  I just finished downloading some new free maps for Halo 3, so I’ll be playing that shortly I think.  Amanda’s looking forward to her doctor visit tomorrow afternoon.

Amanda showed me something on the news a little bit ago where nine third graders had been sneaking weapons and such into their school in a plot against their teacher, who had disciplined them last week.  THIRD GRADERS.  They even had pre-assigned jobs, such as taping the windows shut and cleaning up blood, in case there was any.  Unbelievable.

Zach Dotsey