Amanda said today that she felt like she was just going through the motions at work today. She talked to her boss about her predicament and at the end of the day she told everyone else. She also said that earlier in the day, Charity, one of her co-workers, had a talk with her. Charity had gone to church last night and had Amanda on her mind for some reason. When she got home she opened her Bible and came to a passage- I forget which one at the moment, but it was a very fitting one.

I gave Mike Boscaljon a ride home from work today. I had a phone meeting scheduled for 3:00 and was picking Mike up at 2:00, but the person I scheduled the meeting with asked if I’d be able to move the time up. I ended up obliging him and talked to him on the way to World Market (where Mike works). I explained to him (and his partner) that I was in the car, and since they had requested the meeting time to be moved (because the partner wouldn’t be able to be on later) they were very understanding. It was a good meeting, I think. If it works out it could be a very beneficial relationship for us both.

Mike and I stopped by Sonic to grab some lunch on the way to his apartment. It was kind of nice for me since it’s rare that I have lunch with friends.

Amanda came home and felt pretty run-down. With her worry and stress she hadn’t eaten much today and felt a little hungry but had no idea what she wanted to eat. She’d nibbled at a muffin earlier in the day and had a bit of cereal tonight. She had me get her a cup of Cheerios too, but she hardly touched them. She also felt a little flushed and crampy, but she didn’t know how much of it was just in her head.

After she went to bed I played a bit of Call of Duty 4 with my brother-in-law Michael Mercer and Ross Patterson, a guy we play online with quite a bit, as well as a few other people.

Zach Dotsey