Harvey got in and out of bed several times last night and this morning, but overall sleeping went well. Bruce had his head on my knees under the covers, Cobb was snuggled up to my chest and Harvey was snuggled up to my back. Taking a cue from Amanda I set the sleep timer on the TV (for just half an hour, since I knew I’d be out quick) and nodded off to sleep.

This morning I let the boys out at the time they’re accustomed to, around 6:30, then we got back in bed and got up again almost two hours later when I fed them, took a shower and got ready for the day. There was quite a bit of work to catch up on from yesterday. Well, not an overwhelming amount, but certainly plenty. I called Scott so we could get on the same page about a few things. Yesterday I had changed my voicemail message to say that I’d be unavailable for most of the day and if anyone needed immediate assistance to send an e-mail or call Scott’s number. Scott said to me that he hardly got anything done, doing my job, specifically saying, “You’re a busy guy!” So he bumped up my salary. Yay!

I got caught up on everything and left the house a little before 1:00. On the way to pick up my check I got a call from a client we’ve been talking to recently that I think will turn into a very good, mutually-beneficial relationship. Scott and I were going to conference call them earlier but they weren’t available, so I handled it myself because Scott had Addie today and was going to be working this afternoon, to cover for the time I wouldn’t be around.

Side note, Scott had asked me what I was planning on doing today. I told him I’d catch up on the work stuff and probably head over to the hospital around 1:00. He told me to work as little as I could and to be at the hospital as much as I can. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my job? Having such a great boss certainly helps.

Anyway, I handled the questions the client had and gave them some price quotes, got my check, picked up a couple funny books (funnybooks, not funny books), went to the bank and went to the hospital. The weather’s beautiful today, by the way. I don’t know what the temp was, but my guess would be around 80.

Amanda Dotsey recovering from surgery at New Hanover Regional Hospital | Zach DotseyAmanda had asked me to bring her shampoo, deodorant and some of her cleaning stuff so I did that (although as I type this I realize I forgot her chapstick). Karen and Phil were both up here (I’m in the room now) and Amanda was kind of out of it. Her pain medicine had worn off last night and she got to sample what the “10” pain rating was like. The first time a nurse came in when I was here she said she was at about a “4”. After she got some sort of drug cocktail she told the next nurse that she was around a “2”. I hate that for her. She’s been out of it most of the afternoon now, which is good because she’s not feeling very good.

She has gotten up to walk around a couple times, and she may get to have a bath soon. Karen and Phil left- Karen to go back to our house, shower, let the dogs in and such, Phil to head back to Richlands. Most of the rest of the day was Amanda drifting in and out of sleep while I played Stronghold 2 on the laptop. Karen came back after a while. I did help Amanda get to the bathroom, which she wanted to do before going on another jaunt down the hall. She got sick on the way back from the toilet. The turkey she had earlier in the day hadn’t been sitting well with her. When I was helping her walk back from the bathroom I felt that I got a flash of what things would be like us in about 50 or 60 years.

Amanda tried to get up but she was nauseous so she never got around to taking a shower today. I hung out through the American Idol results show. Last night they’d done their Idol Gives Back thing where they have a bunch of guest performers on to raise money for Africa. Anyway, very surprisingly, Michael Johns was voted off. Huge shocker. He sang Aerosmith’s Dream On and I thought he did okay with it. I think it’s the thing that happens every year where people figure one of their favorite top contenders is safe and just don’t bother to vote. I think it’s ultimately good for him to have been voted off- look at Chris Daughtry- but I figured he’d go a few more weeks anyway.

So I left and went home. Jessica Lambeth had called to check up on Amanda. She said her “dweeb husband” had just told her last night that Amanda was going in for surgery. She’s in Utah for schooling right now. I called Ben on the way home just to talk to him for a bit. My mom called for an update shortly after I got home. They were arriving in Lexington, Kentucky where they are visiting my dad’s parents.

I decided to play some Rock Band for the night since I usually play when Amanda goes to bed, and I don’t get to bang on the drums when she’s in bed. So I played the drums. I also thought I’d do some singing and I finished up the singing mode on easy. It really is fun.

Zach Dotsey