I forgot to mention a few newsworthy items over the past few days.  First off, I think the last I mentioned of it was that there was a strong possibility of it, but Nate James was named as the new Duke assistant coach.  People are pretty stoked about it because he has a lot of drive and always put the team first.  The other bit of news is that Barack Obama won North Carolina and that seems to have pretty surely gotten him the Democratic party nomination.  A lot of people are jumping the Hilary Clinton ship.

Kaitlyn sent an e-mail last night apologizing for offending us.  I wrote her back and she wrote back saying she hoped she was still invited to Amanda’s birthday party tomorrow, which I said was silly and of course she is.

Scott explained to me a bunch of what he’d been working on lately, which was to get an old site of one of our top clients in tip top shape.  The site was one of Venuecom’s first and had been through so many updates and such that the code was a mess and it took him a long time to get a lot of things sorted out.  There’s a new design for it as well, but that was the easy part.  It’s just about done now though.

Amanda stayed after work to help out with something.  On the very off chance that a certain someone reads this I won’t say anything about it yet.  While she was out I ran to Wal-Mart and picked up the chocolate and marshmallows for tomorrow night’s s’mores.  We didn’t get them last night because we’d have had to leave them in the car and they would have gotten all mushy.  I also picked up some skewers and a fire pit.  The fire pit is Amanda’s big main birthday present.  She’s wanted one for a while and she knew she was getting one, but she didn’t know which one or from where.  I got a nice square one with some granite tiles on the sides to lay things on.  I was putting it together when she got home.

It’s supposed to rain late tomorrow, so we’re really hoping we can still do the s’mores.

I talked to my Aunt Robbie while I was on the way out to do my running around.  She and Linda seem to be doing fine.  They’re voting for Hillary.  I also tried calling my grandparents, Baba and Pap, but the phone kept ringing.  They have an answering machine, so I guess they were on the other line.

The series finale of Scrubs came on tonight.  As an episode it was okay, but as a finale it was disappointing.  Scrubs is one of my favorite shows and I really love the characters, but I just didn’t feel much of any closure with it.  I mean, you hardly even got to see the characters as themselves and you got to see very little of the supporting staff.  One thing that really bugged me was that Dr. Kelso was in it and even though he retired last episode he was still head of Sacred Heart Hospital in this one.  That would have been a better series finale.  In light of Dr. Kelso being out of place, it felt like they had taped this episode without thinking where to put it in the season’s lineup and just figured they’d tack it on at the end.

I hate that that show is over.

After Scrubs we watched The Office which was decent.  The problem with The Office is that it’s just so good and it’s set a high bar for itself.  There wasn’t anything wrong with tonight’s episode (where some of the staff went to a job fair) but it wasn’t an outstanding one.

We started watching 30 Rock and then Amanda decided she was too tired and went to bed.  She looked real nice today, by the way.  She was wearing some floral print tank-type of top that fits her nicely.  It made me comment to her that her boobs were turning 28 tomorrow.  Then I thought about it and said I guess they weren’t that old, and that they were, what, 16?  She said she got them early, when she was in fourth grade, which puts them at about 18.  So I said it was great that she would have legal boobs now.

Zach Dotsey