We need to take Anna’s shower chair back to her.  I think we’ve gotten all the use out of it that we need and it takes up a lot of space in the shower.  We’d have tried to take it back to the Frazelles this weekend, but the car’s going to be a bit full any time we head over that way.

It was cloudy today and a little cold for the beach.

Amanda and I fixed breakfast- pancakes, eggs and sausage.  Well, she fixed the eggs and sausage and I fixed the pancakes.  They turned out right nice if I do say so myself.  Of course they came from a box of all-you-need-to-make-them pancake mix, but still.

Weather was cloudy so Ben and I played basketball and the girls went shopping.  Ben’s better at basketball than I realized.  After he kicked my butt we went inside and I let him mess around running over people on Grand Theft Auto IV before getting a couple new songs and playing some Rock Band.  The girls got home during that so we played all three new songs then headed out to the movie theater to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Since the weather wasn’t too great and there were a lot of people in town to go to the beach the movie theater was packed.  It was hard to find a space, and Michael was meeting us out there.  I’d dropped everyone else off and was going to call him to tell him not to look for a spot on the side of the theater I parked on, but I saw him pulling up as I tried to call.  I finally found a lady for him to follow to get a spot.

So how was the movie?  Well, overall I thought it was pretty good.  Nice action, some classic Indiana Jones shots and all, but I didn’t like the big reveal.  Change the last fifteen minutes or so, not counting the very end, and I think I’d have been much happier.  B- or a C I think, just because it really took Indy out of his element.

When we got out of the theater it was much nicer, but it was also about 5:00.  We went by the house to let the dogs out then headed over to Indochine for dinner.  They told us we’d have a 45 minute wait but it was only about half an hour.  We sat outside in a little gazebo booth thing and had a nice dinner.

After dinner we headed back over to the house to play some games.  Michael joined us as Ben and Jessica taught us Speed Scrabble, which Amanda won.  Then we introduced them to Settlers of Catan, which Ben won.

So we didn’t get to go to the beach at all today, but it’s supposed to be really nice all day tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey