Not much happened today, except at work we had some pretty big server issue.  It made it so e-mail was down for a bit, along with anyone trying to FTP into their sites, although most of our clients don’t do much of that.  So that was fun.

I washed all the laundry today.  It was about four loads or so.  I folded most of it while Amanda was working on dinner.

Speaking of dinner, Amanda and I walked the dogs to the Lowe’s Food at the end of the neighborhood today.  We both wanted to go for a walk and I told Amanda I’d run by the store to pick stuff up for dinner, so we just put the two together.  I held the dogs while she ran inside. 

Amanda fixed baked spaghetti for dinner while I folded clothes and watched Robin Hood and Michael, whose clothes were being washed after ours, joined us.  We played Settlers of Catan and I started out okay, but then Michael blocked me everywhere I wanted to expand.  I got pretty frustrated.  Amanda won because Michael and I were both in one general area which let her expand pretty much as she pleased.  I played Catan on Xbox with Michael later tonight and for some reason the game disconnected us.  When it does that it just replaces the dropped player with a computer player.  Anyway, I had nine points and kept getting a card stolen from for for a couple rounds and ended up losing because of it.  I had plenty of opportunities to win, but I kept getting screwed.  That game really seems to cheat sometimes.

Bruce is really sensitive to people howling, and we’ve heard Harvey howl before but only when he’s outside.  Amanda decided for some reason that she wanted to see what Harvey would do, so she howled until Bruce started howling, which sounds like he’s screaming while being repeatedly stabbed, and then Harvey joined in a bit.  Harvey kept looking around like he was trying to figure out what was going on then let out some deep, slow howls.  He was wagging his tail the whole time, so it was like a game to him.

Comedian George Carlin, best known for his Seven Words You Can’t Say on TV, died yesterday of a heart attack.  I didn’t realize he was already 71 years old.  I’ve been wondering what God will do with him.

Zach Dotsey