Harvey was super obnoxious this morning, kept pawing at me and trying to lick me with the pillow over my head.

Work- Scott left for vacation this morning.

Small group- only 3 couples- changed plans at last minute while Amanda and I were on way out to beach

Surfed for a little while then joined Boscaljons and Hauensteins.  Lisa still not better, seeing specialist tomorrow

Watched Baby Borrowers, a show about teenage couples who want to have kids.  They showed two episodes tonight- one where the kids have babies then one where they have toddlers.  When you think about it, it’s really not a bad idea- putting kids through this sort of thing at a young age.  Hopefully it will show them that it’s not as easy as they think.  God knows, those girls in Massachusetts who all got themselves pregnant could have used something like this.

In future shows they’ll have to take care of pre-teens, teenagers and then old folks.  The problem I have with that idea is that those people will be old enough to know what they’re doing.  They’ll act up or act out on purpose, as opposed to the babies and toddlers who were just being babies and toddlers.  I think instead of tracking several couples like they’re doing, they should have just had a different couple every week or something.

Speaking of pregnancy, Amanda’s aunt, Anna Frazelle, told us she had a dream last night that Amanda was pregnant.  But she said in that dream Amanda we also already had a two year-old.  Amanda later said that, well, during something we were doing a couple days ago, she’d had a thought about a baby.  I told Amanda I wondered if my mom had had any dreams about us having babies.  My mom sometimes has prophetic dreams.  For real.

Played Catan with Michael and Burf and some random other guy.  The random other guy won even though we teamed up on him.  It was pretty funny- he was the only one not talking and communicating, and at the end Michael and Burf were trading cards to each other just to block off the other guy.  I would have too but I was out of cards.  He was probably getting a tad upset.

I played again with Michael against two computers.  One of them had six points and pulled out four points in one turn for the victory.  Bollocks.

We’ve got some friends in need of prayer for a decision and situation they are facing.

Zach Dotsey