Work, as it has been, was a bit tough today, but not unmanageable.  We got a nice bit of rain today.  I was going to try to go surfing for a bit but the thunder put a bit of an end to that thought.  Instead I spent a bit of time at Main Street Brewery, where I met up with one Seth Holloway.  He and I got to talking on the Duke message board I frequent.  He had posted some pictures a while back taken by one Millie Holloway, a local photographer (and his sister) whom I’ve never met, but I recognized the name.  We got to talking after that and decided to get together, so we did over a couple of beers.

We had a good time talking about all sorts of stuff.  It started with Duke basketball of course, but then it went to work and marriage and kids and church and all other kinds of stuff.  He and his wife just moved here about a couple months ago and she doesn’t really know anybody yet, so we were thinking we’d all get together sometime.  She apparently discovered the joy of Rock Band on a trip to visit her family back home, so perhaps we’ll play some of that.

I got home, and Michael came by too along with Amanda we played Settlers of Catan.  I won.

I decided to catch up on a little TV when Amanda went to bed.  I’ve got a Robin Hood and two Deadwoods to watch.

I forgot to mention- I got a text this afternoon from Michael bearing the message "Nanny alert."  One Tree Hill‘s Nanny Carrie, Torrey DeVitto, had come by the coffee shop again.  Michael had said last time she went there that he’d ask her out the next time, since he had nothing really to lose in so doing.  She made mention of a fiancee to Michael’s co-worker though, so he didn’t bother.  He said she’s super nice and very approachable though, very easy to talk to.

Zach Dotsey