Fell asleep downstairs after playing Grand Theft Auto IV.  Kept having to do this one mission that, the first couple times, I finished but got killed or caught by cops trying to flee the scene.  Then I got killed during the mission itself.  Annoying, so, getting tired, I finally gave up and fell asleep on the couch for a bit.

Woke up, let the dogs out went upstairs.  Woke up again a bit later to hear it absolutely pouring outside.  Let the dogs in and they were drenched, walking around shaking all over the place.

Grabbed some food for breakfast from the grocery store.

Rained off and on all day, mostly in heavy downpours.  Went for a short walk but it was really hot and muggy.

Amanda wanted Chick-Fil-A so we went there for early dinner/late lunch.

I played GTA IV while Amanda rested on couch.

Picked up chips and beer.  Seth Holloman, who I met a couple weeks ago, and his wife, Dana, came over.  We sat around and socialized a bit then played Rock Band.  Seth’s versions of Simple Man, Roxanne and Creep were something to behold.

Zach Dotsey