I watched the season finale of Robin Hood last night, and I’ve got to say, I was pretty shocked.  The commercials said that somebody was going to die, and I thought it would possibly be one of Robin’s Merry Men, probably Much or Alan A’Dale, since he just rejoined the group.  I even thought they killed Much for a minute when his horse was shot out from under him, but he survived.

But nope, they killed Marian.  Maid Marian, traditionally Robin Hood’s fast love interest.  She was killed by Guy of Gisborne, who was also in love with her, when she was both defending King Richard and professing her love for Robin Hood.

How do you kill Maid Marian?  I mean really?  I checked out some message boards and there are some people who are really and truly upset by this.  Me, I just wonder what you do for the rest of the series, although I read that Jonas Armstrong, who plays the eponymous role, will be leaving at the end of the next series (or season, as we call it on this side of the Atlantic).  My theory is that Robin will retire, since the big theme the last few episodes of this season was “We are Robin Hood” and someone else (Much perhaps?) will take over.

Maid Marion is Dead, by the way, is one phrase I’ve used lately that I thought would make a good name for a band.  The other is Pancakes with Torrey.

On the subject of death, Amanda decided to change the sheets as she was going to bed, and in stripping off the pillow cases I noticed that my beat up, dilapidated, ancient feather pillow, one that fits wonderfully over my face (I like to sleep with a pillow over my face or at least my eyes), had a huge rip in it.  I like to think, although I’m in no way certain, that it’s a pillow I had when I was still living in Kentucky.  Now that I think about it, it’s probably not, but I still told Amanda we should mourn it because it was older than she was.  Yes, this dirty, smelly pillow, which I loved so much, had a tear in it, not to mention several worn spots that looked like they might have been sores, the poor thing.  Sadly, I carried it outside and deposited it in the trash.

Looks like we’ll be going to Amanda’s ten-year high school reunion, but only twenty-some graduates will be going, and JJ, the class president who insisted on doing something so expensive, will not be there.  It’s a little, no, you know, it’s not a little frustrating (as I was going to say), it’s ridiculous that the person who put it all together and didn’t listen to advice about the expense will not be there.

Anyway, we’re going and I’ll be taking some pictures, which will pay for us being there.

Other than all that, there’s not much else to talk about.  I went surfing this evening with Michael.  The waves still weren’t great, but they were better than they have been and Barry said they’re going to be good tomorrow, so I’m thinking I’ll get up early and go out there again.

As for today though, Michael and I both did pretty well.  He’s gone from getting up too late to getting up too soon sometimes, but he’s getting better.  Surfing is one of the few sporty things I can do better than him, so I hope he doesn’t catch up.  We discussed this earlier, so I don’t feel bad saying that here.  We had dinner at Atlanta Bread after our session.  I had potato soup and brought Amanda a chocolate chip muffin top.  (They were out of the blueberry, which was her preference.)

Barry said we were both improving.  He also told me that Anna thought I’d lost a little weight.  I’ve been trying to eat a little better lately (except for the creme horns I had today) and I’ve obviously been more active lately.  Hopefully that will keep up, although Amanda mentioned not having seen me much lately.  I really wish she’d pick up surfing, but she had less than no interest in trying it out.

Since I’ve discussed death twice already in this post, I should give an update on yesterday’s murder.  Anthony Antwad Bowen was found dead in Onslo County, not far from the route Amanda and I take when driving from Wilmington to Richlands to visit her parents’ house.  I think he was found at someone’s trailer and the cops confronted him in the woods (from what I can piece together from the things I’ve read) when he shot himself dead.

Zach Dotsey