Amanda and I had our usual Saturday morning but didn’t go out to eat.  I had some Life cereal and Amanda had some cheese toast then we headed on out to Wrightsville Beach.  It was expected to be a good day for surfing so we ran into some parking problems at Anna and Barry’s, but we situated it and everything was fine.

Mike and Kaitlyn Boscaljon were there with Mike’s parents and they took three surf boards, one for Mike, one for Kaitlyn and one for Mike’s dad, who was going to give it a try.  Before Amanda and I actually headed out to the strand a girl, Carmen I think was her name, showed up with the Surf City board, which is the one I’d previously been using the most.  It had been missing, but it turned out that she had just borrowed it and forgot to return it, then she forgot to tell anyone before she left the country.  I was half-hoping she’d leave it, since Kaitlyn had taken out Surf Betty and I didn’t know if Big Blue’s owner would show up, but she went on out to the beach with it.  Barry told me that Big Blue’s owner had already come and gone and that I’d be fine to use it.

We got out to the beach and I surfed with Mike, Kaitlyn, Theo, Hannah and Christian.  Kaitlyn didn’t stay out long so I took Betty, which was Christian’s sister’s board.  While I was out there I told Christian that to tell his sister that I liked her board.  He called out to Carmen, who was on the other side of me, and said, “Hey Carmen, Zach likes your board.”   I thought Carmen was Christian’s sister, but for some reason I thought it belonged to another sister.

Anyway, I caught some pretty good waves and Amanda got to see that I have been getting better, which is nice.  Christian even said to Amanda that I’d gotten noticeably better.

The water got choppy after a bit and the waves stopped breaking, so I got out and hung out a little on the shore before Amanda and I took off.

We went by the camera shop and picked up a flash diffuser, which helps make the shadows behind people less stark when using an external flash.  I’ve wanted to get one for a while, but taking pictures at the Richlands High School Class of 1998 Ten-Year Reunion (Amanda’s graduating class) gave me a good excuse to go ahead and pick one up.

We went by Sonic to pick up some lunch then headed on home to let the dogs out for a bit and to get ready for the reunion.  We left at a little after 5:00 and got to the Villa Capriati at North Topsail Island, NC just a few minutes after 6:00.  When we first got there Amy and Ben Farmer and Renee Tripp were all doing some of the setup, so Amanda and I helped with that.  Chris and Tiffany showed up not too long after.

The reunion itself started around 7:00.  I socialized a little with the people I knew and a couple I didn’t but mostly stuck to taking pictures.  I had a better time than I thought I would, however it was annoying, as I think I said before, that JJ, the class president who insisted on having the reunion at a place that cost $60 per person, didn’t show up.  I also heard that he had wanted to have it in Charlotte, which is where he lives.  How much sense would it have made to have a class reunion for a high school in Richlands, near Jacksonville, in Charlotte, three or four hours away?  Only 25 or so graduates (plus spouses and dates in many cases) showed up for this one, and I’d bet it would be much less than that had it been in Charlotte.  No way we’d have gone.

Anyway, yeah, we had a nice time.  At the beginning I told Amy to tell people that if they wanted posed pictures to have people let me know, however three couples asked me to do some pictures when Amanda and I were about to leave.  It wasn’t a big deal, but my feet hurt (shoes) and I was a bit tired.  I didn’t mind doing it, mind you- I just wish I’d been asked earlier.

As we were leaving and Amanda went to say goodbye to Amy, Amy made her dance with her a little, which was fun to watch since Amanda doesn’t really like to dance.

Zach Dotsey