I got up at 6:00 this morning to go surfing and got the the Frazelle house at about 6:30.  Hannah Frazelle heard the garage door opening and closing, since I went in there to get my stuff, and came out to see who it was.  She said that her dad, Barry Frazelle, had gone back to sleep.  Michael Mercer, my brother-in-law, was supposed to come out too, but he didn’t show up either.  They’re both weenies.

A bunch of Hannah’s friends were out there already, including Parrish and Brian.  Josh, a guy on the production staff at Port City Community Church, was there too.  I felt bad about not recognizing him, but I really can’t see details well without my glasses on and I tend not to wear my glasses when I’m out in the ocean.

I caught a couple decent waves.  They were mostly rolling though, large hills that swept by, lifting you several feet above the surface of the water on your surfboard before gently setting you back into a valley to wait for another large, round, watery hills to come by.

I was out there for about an hour and a half.  At one point I had ridden a wave in and was going to go back out, but I ducked one wave that caught Little Blue and, with the way my leash was, corkscrewed my body at the knee- that is, it twisted my calf around then the rest of my body followed.  That hurt a bit and shook me up so I decided to call it a day since the waves weren’t breaking much anyway.

I headed to The Connection after that.  I have been trying to go by a client’s office for a while and I left him a voicemail and e-mail this morning telling him to call me at any time and I could go by to see him.  Noon came and he hadn’t called so I decided to go home so the dogs could go outside, particularly Harvey, who was in his crate all morning.

While I was at The Connection though Laurel, Don Senick’s fiancee now, came in.  I was on the phone when she first got there but I talked to her for a minute after I got off.  She was also talking to this red haired woman who is up there all the time.  Her name is Katie and she’s an advertising writer- we chatted for a minute.

Unique World Rends Purses

After work Amanda and I went by the Frazelles to pick up some charity purses for some of the girls Amanda works with.  Mike and Kaitlyn Boscaljon were there with Kaitlyn’s mom, who is in town visiting this weekend.  Mike and I hung out for a bit and ate some chocolate banana nut bread while the ladies did their thing.  Neither of us had time to go surf- the Boscaljons were about to take off and Amanda and I were going to a small group coaches’ huddle.

After everyone left and Amanda got the purses for her co-workers we helped Anna and Jennifer, the lady who is selling the bags to help out women in Indonesia, by carrying a few boxes out to her van.

The website, by the way, is uniqueworldtrends.com, if you’d like to buy a purse for a good cause.

Anyway, we headed over to the living rooms room at Port City Community Church and met with Polly and Dave Clawson, our small group coaches, and the leaders of other small groups they coach.  It was a good night and I think a lot was discussed that will be helpful for our group.

Amanda and I watched the Olympics for a bit when we got home.  My mom called and gave us an update on things concerning John Quinn.  They’re having a viewing on Sunday, a service on Monday and the burial on Tuesday.  Since Mom and Dad are heading to Lexington, Kentucky now, obviously they won’t be here this weekend.  I’d really like to go to pay my respects, but I have to think about it.

Michael called and said that he got a message from his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Denning, who had gotten Halo 3 and an Xbox Live account.  They were going to get on and play that tonight.  Michael said he asked her why she wasn’t into stuff like that when they were dating.

The jellyfish sting on m arm is really itchy.

Zach Dotsey