Just started pouring a minute ago.  We’ll see if this one lasts longer.

A couple minutes after my last post the rain stopped and it was nice and clear.  All the kids who got out of school today had it nice- no school and it was pretty outside for a while.

My granparents, Baba and Pap, called to make sure everything was fine here.  That brings the total to my Aunt Robbie, my dad, my best bud Jason Revill and my grandparents.

Michael came by (without the cats) and helped me move the basketball goal.  We couldn’t get it on the ground, but we lowered it and turned it in a way that I think will be safe.  He’s playing Madden 09 right now and getting frustrated because just about everyone he plays on it wants to be the Patriots, who are pretty superior to other teams on the game, whereas he thinks it’s more fun not to play the absolute freakishly best team.

Zach Dotsey