The new season of The Office premiered tonight and the big deal that didn’t happen in the finale of last season happened tonight.  Yes, Jim popped the question to Pam, who accepted, of course.  They’re going to have to add some drama to the relationship of course, and I’m guessing Pam getting chummy with a guy in New York, where she’s going to design school, might help that.

Before that Amanda and I watched My Name is Earl, which I think did a good job of getting back to it’s heartsy roots.  After Amanda went to bed I watched the season premiere of Boston Legal from Monday.

Other than all that today was windy and rainy and generally dreary.  Michael Mercer’s apartment was being sprayed today, so he had to get the cats and stay out of it.  He dropped Mooo! and Goat off before heading to his class today then came by and watched TV for a while.  He called me in to watched a bit of Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go.  They were both awful. That will be the downside to having kids one day- having to watch  stuff like that.  I’m sure kids love all the interaction in the show, but there’s so much that defies logic.

The part that got me the most was when Dora and her monkey and her backpack and her map (all of which could talk) were chasing the blue cow in the hot air balloon to try to give him sticky tape (redundant?) so he could patch a huge hole in his balloon before he drifted into Crocodile Lake (which was the size of a small pond) and Swiper, a fox with gloves and a mask, stole the sticky tape.  He’d tried before, but had been driven back by the assumed millions of children shouting at him, “Swiper, no swiping!”  He got the sticky tape on his second attempt though, and once he got it he tossed it about five feet down the path Dora and her monkey were already going on then scampered away.

What was the point?  He stole the sticky tape and then, for all intents and purposes, just gave it right back to them.  What he just trying to be a dick?  I mean, with as many uses as Dora came up with to use the sticky tape, he could have done something with it.  I think the best thing would have been to tie up Dora and her monkey, steal and fix the balloon then go over to where Deigo was trying to save a stupid-ass sloth who couldn’t climb down a tree in half an hour to cross a narrow path to safety to avoid a very fast-looking but apparently very slow mudslide, then steal his backpack, which can turn into anything but must first offer stupid, useless suggestions.

Swiper was, by far, the best character on Dora the Explorer though.  He wears an expression of irony and, thinking on it more now, I believe he was just trying to be a dick.  Anything to shut up the “We did it!  We did it!”

And how did Dora know the balloon was going to end up at Crocodile Pond Lake?  Somehow the map figured out that they had to go cross the Windy River, go over the Slippery Rock (which would have been much easier to walk around as opposed to wrapping sticky tape around their shoes) and end up at Crocodile Pond Lake.

I just didn’t get it.  And I won’t even get started on Diego.  Sorry for some of the language above.  I generally try to stay pretty clean on this site, but what I watched of those two shows just brings it out.

Michael and I had lunch at El Cerro Grande.  I think this was the first time I went there with him that the service was good and it didn’t take forever.  Last time I ate lunch with him there they sat us in a booth with a thermostat, and since we were bored we played with it.  That didn’t happen this time.  There was a little girl with a Dora the Explorer jacket though.

I came back and stayed pretty busy with work.  I did a lot of troubleshooting on a couple sites with Scott, which made my late afternoon a bit busier.

After work Amanda asked me to run by the store to pick up some breakfast materials as she had to pick up some party supplies.  Tomorrow is her boss’s birthday (or at least they’re celebrating it tomorrow) and they’re all making a big office breakfast for her.  Early happy birthday, Laura Glasscock!

That’s about it.  I thought it was a good day for grilled cheese, so Amanda made some for us.

We’re looking forward to having a few people over tomorrow.  Our guest list will be somewhere between nine and eighteen people, I think.  As far as people who said they are coming we’ve got Amanda and I, of course, Adam Dotsey and Renee Sikes, Nick and Amy Warkentien, Lars and Kaitlyn Boscaljon and Jeaneal Guy.  For maybes we’ve got David Sapp, Kristen Phillips (who I’m pretty sure is coming since a Facebook thing said she wrote to Jeaneal that she was looking forward to seeing her tomorrow night), Matt and Melissa Davis, Elliot Clark and Melissa Nicholson (pretty sure they’re coming), Blake and Stephanie Konny and Chris Burfield.  I think about half of the maybes will show up.

I didn’t end up playing any Halo 3 last night, but I think I might go do that soon.

Zach Dotsey