Woke up to a pretty normal Saturday.  Amanda misunderstood something I said, so I decided it should be her new nickname.

Amanda decided she wanted to fix breakfast this morning so after she showered she ran to Lowe’s Food.  I invited the Warkentiens over.  Nick was working but Amy was not so she came and joined up.  We had waffles, eggs and apple turkey sausage with  orange juice outside on the patio.

After Amy left I watched Duke trounce, and I mean thoroughly TROUNCE Virginia.  The score at the half was 3-3 (although Duke should probably have been a touchdown up but do to a missed and unreplayable pass interference call, the Cavs intercepted a pass in the end zone), but the final score was 31-3.  It was Duke’s first ACC win since 1994 I believe, and what a statement it was!  Seth Holloman was celebrating his 30th birthday at the game, so I’m glad they won it for him.  I just wish my own borthdays had been as lucky for Duke.

I called Barry Frazelle during the game to check on the surf, and he said there was a little bit out there but if I had anything else to do he’d suggest doing it.  Because of that I missed an opportunity to go jogging with Coach K.  You see, at 4:00 Amanda and I went to Capt’n Bill’s, which is a place with a bunch of sand volleyball courts that also serves food.  Polly and Dave Clawson had set it up for all the small groups they coach to come on out there and have a good time, which we did (though Amanda and I lost all five or so games of volleyball we participated in).

While we were there I got a text message from Michael Mercer, Amanda’s brother, saying that he and Barry had seen the head coach of the Duke Blue Devils, Mike Krzyzewski.  I think his words were “Coach K waved at us.”  I texted him back: “Really?”  I was a little skeptical because he’s a bit silly, Michael is.  He texted back something like, “Yes.  He was sweaty and fat and nice.”  The story, as I later got it, was that Michael and Barry had gone to Figure Eight Island, an exclusive island just north of Wrightsville Beach taht barry had a pass to, to go surfing.  They were walking down the beach and Coach K jogged past them, smiled, waved and said “Hi.”

After he passed them, Michael said to barry that the guy looked familiar then, after a second, realized it was Mike Krzyzewski.  Had I been there I’d have most certainly joined him in his jog, at least for a little bit.  I wouldn’t want to bother the man, but I’d definitely have wanted to talk to him.  I mean, what are the odds that the one time you go to this exclisive island an icon like that, a man who had won more basketball games than any active coach (I think- he’s close to it at least), three national championships, and has now coached the American Men’s Basketball team to Olympic gold, just happens to jog by?

Anyway, Amanda and I had a good time at Capt’n Bill’s.  If there was an award given for hustle I’d have given it to Amanda.  My girl dove all over the place going after balls.  I got a bit sandy myself.  We met a few new people too. One thing of note is that I got a lot of comments on the Duke hat I wore.  I wear it all the time and generally nobody says anything, but while at Capt’n Bill’s I think I had five people say something to me.  The conversation went pretty much exactly like this each time:

Guy: Duke sucks!

Me: Yeah?  Well they killed Virginia today.

Guy:  Really?

Me: Yup.

Guy: What was the score?

Me: 31-3.

Guy: Dayumn!

It was pretty fun, and I’d like to thank Coach Cut and the team for the opportunity to leave dumbstruck many a Carolina, State and whoever else fan.

We came home and watched a little TV before heading off to bed.  We’ve got church tomorrow and we’re volunteering at Grow Zone, helping out with the pre-K kids.

Zach Dotsey