I was playing College Hoops 2K7 last night.  It was NCAA tournament time and I got as far as the Elite Eight and lost by a basket or two.  I thought about resetting the game and trying again, but I figured a Sweet 16, three consecutive championships and an Elite Eight appearance was all good enough.  At the end of the season, Coach Bob Redford got an offer from Ole Miss and just couldn’t pass up the chance to coach an SEC team, as much as he enjoyed Campbell and the players he recruited there.

So this evening Ole Miss played their first game.  It was quite an adjustment, not being as familair with who the go-to players are, and only one true SG, which meant substitutions were a little awkward.  We were up a basket or two with about a minute and a half to go in our first game then the Xbox gave a disk read error.  It seems to do that about once a day with that game, and it usually comes at the end of a game.  I hate that, but then I did buy the game for $5 used, so I can’t complain too much I guess.  I just wish it had started doing that earlier so I could have taken it back and swapped it out.

The stock market bounced back up pretty nicely today.  I still don’t know how much to be worried about all of it.  Maybe that’s the answer- don’t worry, because what good would worrying do anyway?

I tried to shore up a bunch of end of the month stuff for work.

Amanda came home and we reviewed our small group materials then headed over to Justin and Lisa Hauenstein’s place for the meeting.  They have a pretty cute house.  It’s laid out a little bit like ours but better and with a bigger kitchen.  They’ve got a lot of Pier One decor too, and colors to go along with it.  I liked it.

I also liked their dogs.  They’ve got a chihuahua named Emory who looks similar to Bruce but she’s a she, is smaller and a lot thinner.  They’ve also got a year and a half black lab (I think) and I forgot her name but she was sweet too.

Everyone showed up tonight and we ate a chicken pasta and salad.  I think the discussion went well and everyone contributed some.  Lisa hasn’t been feeling great lately, but she did fine tonight.  She’s also going to be taking another insurance job.

After we got home Amanda and I watched Fringe, although I missed a chunk of it in the middle because I fell asleep.

I won one fantasy football game this week (by one point) and lost the other.

Zach Dotsey