So now you know the big news.  Aside from that, I picked Amanda up from work and took her to the doctors’ office where she was poked and prodded and given a flu shot.  We got our first look at little Pistachio then Amanda had some blood drawn for tests and such and was given a flu shot.  We got there at 10 but didn’t get out until after noon.  It was a little frustrating once we got to the waiting room, to be honest, because there were a number of people who came in after us who got seen before we did.  Oh well.

After all of that I took Amanda to Quizno to get a sub and dropped her back off at work, where she finally told people we were having a baby.  A few people there already knew, but she’d flat out denied being preggers just because she wanted to wait until after the doctor visit to let it be known, in case of any complications or whatnot.  So she was finally able to put an end to her lies and deceit, as I phrased it to her.

I got back in time to do a little work then get on a big conference call.  I had a lot of phone calls and e-mails while I was busy with that, so the rest of my working day was spent trying to catch up with as many of those as I could.

Shortly after Amanda got back home we headed out to Taylor and Esther Hutchens’ place at Kure Beach for small group.  It was actually Justin and Lisa Hauenstein’s turn, but Lisa was supposed to have a work training tonight.  She turned out to be sick, so neither one of them showed.  Elliot Clark had to work as well, but Melissa Nicholson made it, and so did Mike and Kaitlyn Boscaljon.  We showed the sonogram pictures to everyone who was there.  Esther made enchiladas and Melissa brought a cake made of pumpkin for dessert, or something like that.  It was good, however she made it.

Small group went well, I think.  Taylor spoke up a lot, and so did Melissa and Kaitlyn.

We came home and Amanda got ready for bed.  I kissed her and the baby good night (as I do every night) then started writing all this.

I’d like Amanda to write on here, just to give some emotional viewpoints other than my own for the pregnancy, but I don’t think she feels like doing it, so I doubt she will.  Ah, well.

Zach Dotsey