My jeans ripped in the knee today.  All I did was bend my leg leg at the knee and now I’ve got a rip.  In all fairness, the jeans are several years old.

Kenny Boynton, the last piece for a Duke National Championship team, chose Florida

In just as happy news, Kenny Boynton chose to go to Florida over Duke today.  Kenny was a very highly-sought point guard for Duke.  Coach K had poured a lot of time and energy into his recruitment, and he was seen as the cornerstone of next year’s class.  Duke already has a nice class coming in, but the addition of Kenny Boynton would have made Duke a, if not the, front runner for next year’s national championship.

The Duke message board I frequent was pretty shocked by it.  Rumblings of it came early, first from an article that Duke had started showing interest in John Wall, the number one rated point guard for next year who is actually from Raleigh, not far away.  He was thought to have been passed over because he’s a pretty certain one-and-done and he may or may not be a sure fit in Duke’s system.  He sounds like a killer though, and another guy who could take us to the finals next year, as long as he’s dropped off his baggage.  Coach K wouldn’t do anything he would think is damaging to the program, so if he thinks John Wall has it together then who am I to question?

The second sign came when someone pointed out that Kenny’s Facebook status said to look for big news this morning.  Then it came out that he would be announcing his decision tonight at 6:30 on ESPNU.  At that point everyone was pretty sure he was going to Florida.  A lot of people were upset because Duke (and Texas, another front-runner in his recruiting) didn’t get a chance to have their official visits.  Some people were a little offended by that, but I guess it was nice of him to save them the trouble if his mind was already adamantly set.

On the actually more fun side, Amanda and I went to Nick and Amy Warkentien’s house for dinner and The Office tonight.  Amy fixed a ham, potato and asparagus bake.  I didn’t like asparagus before when I’ve had it on its own, but I did like it with the ham and potatoes (even if it did make my pee smell funny).  We also had cookies that were made too large, but it caused them to be large and flat with crispy edges, so I thought they were perfect.

Between dinner and The Office we listened to a bunch of music.  Amanda and Nick jammed out and dueted some Five Iron Frenzy and Nick introduced us to the following:

The above is by one Max Raabe.  I couldn’t find an actual video of his, so that one will have to do.  It was on a mix CD that someone had given Nick, so he didn’t know who it was actually by, so we used Shazam on my iPhone to identify and it, Shamwow! it came back with the name and the album.

On the way over to Nick and Amy’s I thought about how next year we’ll (all) have kids that we’ll put in Halloween costumes, even if they’ll be too young to go trick or treating.  I also imagined, while we were at their house, two small babies rolling around on the floor.  It’s really cool that we’ve got such good friends who live so close to us who are having a baby at about the same time as us.  In part, it means we’ll still be able to get together pretty often since the kids will be going through about the same things at nearly the same time, although I’m sure that more often than not instead of rolling around on the floor while us big kids watch The Office they’ll be screaming and pooping, but one can hope for the best.

Zach Dotsey