Amanda and I went to church at Port City Community Church today.  I think I start just about every Sunday with that sentence.  Anyway, today was awesome.  The music was great and Mike Ashcraft delivered one of his best sermons, if not his best.  It was all capped off by a performance of God of This City.  I don’t think I can embed the video, but you can find it on Mike Paschal’s blog here.

Afterwards we helped out with Grow Zone.  Charles, the little curly headed blonde boy who gently turned my head by my chin last time to make sure I was still paying attention to him, remembered me, though he didn’t remember my name.  (And he did the chin thing again, which I still think is funny.)  Today was actually a little tougher than usual, but only because we had one boy who kept spontaneously crying and his crying set off a little girl who was recently adopted and doesn’t speak English yet.  Her mom said she’s very attuned to the emotions of other kids and, being a special case, to go ahead and page her if she did start crying.  So it was the first time a kid in one of my rooms had to have a parent paged.  Other than that though, it wasn’t really any tougher than any other time.

Amanda and I went home with the intentions to get the dogs and head out to Wrightsville Beach, but like many other Sundays lately we didn’t do anything at all once we got home.  Amanda watched TV for a while and I played BioShock, a game Michael let me borrow for the Xbox 360.  Amanda did eventually go out to get some food for dinner and we watched a little TV together after that.  After Amanda went to bed I tried to stay up to watch Deadwood, but for the third week straight I started nodding off about halfway through.  Maybe I should just make sure to watch the show when I know I’m not tired.  Again, I love Deadwood, and my nodding off has nothing at all to do with the show.

Looks like I’m going to win one of my fantasy football games and lose the other.

Zach Dotsey